Vasisthasana - Tree (Side Arm Balancing Posture)

Vasisthasana - Tree (Side Arm Balancing Posture)
Amy Jin - Courtesy Of "The Pitch" & Angela Bond

Big Ups!

The City Of Dubuque's Citizen's (Police) Academy (Dubuque, IA)(2017)
Bored, stuck in Dubuque, waiting out the laying down of the Universal Hand, I followed up my Ride-Along last Fall with the 21st Annual C.A. for our city, thinking it was a big picture, 10-week, Thursday night class in City Operations and the role of Law Enforcement in quality of life. It was actually a course in policy, procedure, and hands-on learning experiences in Law Enforcement itself, complete with encouragement to get sprayed (OC-style--The pepper kind)(i.e. "It's just a spritzer!"), as well as another Ride-Along (on a different shift). An excellent, much appreciated immersion in yet another world untouched by my academic, holistic, spiritual, and worldly studies, perfectly timed in applicability to considerations in Business, Loss Prevention, my own shala, Law/Graduate School, and life experiences, in general, including those shared on this website with Law, Law Enforcement, and city infrastructures in this country.

The City Of Dubuque's/Human Rights Department's Intercultural Competency Leadership Training (Dubuque, IA)(2014)
At their request, so bravo to them, bravo to me. Provided presence, experience, background, & feedback, while simultaneously taking in, getting updated, refreshing past (academic & other) learning, & showing up to add Love Yoga: The Movement/Amy Jin flava to the current diversity-improving model that has already started infiltrating City Government, businesses, institutions of learning, & organizations of all kinds via rocking choice, recognizing a next step needing to be established in consciously evolving Dubuque's intolerant, ignorant, & bigoted past, setting an example for the world.

Voted "Kansas City's 'Best Yoga Teacher" by The People & The Pitch (2007)

Santa Monica (Bryan Kest) Power Yoga Instructor, Trained & Certified (Quintana Roo/Tulum, Mexico)(2005)

A 3-week, 200 hour in-depth immersion in yoga thought, philosophy, and practice including but not limited to 100 hours of Hatha practice and meditation, 100 hours of learning the multi-dynamic possibilities of asana and meditation, as well as Satsang, Sanskrit, kirtan, noble silence, juice fasting, and a 10 hour master Iyengar course.

Spiritual Illumination & Leadership (Kansas City Metro Area, KS & MO+)(since 2002)

Expert on the Indigo/Crystal Children phenomenon, healing, and in-the-Light, all-natural lifestyle-related topics, featured in The Edge, KC Wellness Magazine,,, and The Kansas City Star. Featured & requested speaker for the Psychic Studies Institute (Unity Temple on the Plaza), UMKC's Communiversity, The University of Kansas Medical Center's Interdenominational/Interfaith Alliance, Gardens of Delight, UCOP (Unity Church of Overland Park), Unity Temple on the Plaza (independent event), holistic healing centers, & spiritual bookstores across the country, The Dubuque Community School District Board, etc.

Full-Ride Division I Scholarship Athlete (Volleyball), Summa Cum Laude (3.95/4.0 G.P.A.)(DePaul University)(Chicago, IL)(2000)
Conference USA All-Freshman Team Nominee. DePaul University Athletic Department’s Jean Nordberg Award recipient (DePaul Athletic Banquet), given for excellence in leadership, personal character, and academics. (Senior year Co-)Captain. DePaul University's College of Commerce's Honors Marketing Program(, by selection). Bachelor's of Science in (Honors) Marketing(-IME).

The State of Iowa's Class 3A Player of the Year (Largest Class at the Time)(Volleyball), Salutatorian (3.99/4.0 G.P.A.)(Wahlert High School)(Dubuque, IA)(1996)

+ (Athletic Stripes in Reverse Chronology) Mizuno 1st-Team All-Star Selection
1996 Class 3A State Champions
1st-Team All-State Tournament
1st-Team Elite All-State
Mississippi Valley Conference "Athlete of the Year"
1st-Team All-Mississippi Valley Conference
The Dubuque Telegraph Herald 1st-Team All-Area
Team Co-Captain
Female award recipient of Wahlert High School's prestigious Galen P. Thomas Award, given for excellence in academic awareness, citizenship, reliability, and participation in other activities in and outside of academia (Nomination by coaches).

...and a powerful story of overcoming all obstacles and odds to get there.

Yeah, Buddy--

Yeah, Buddy--
Resurrection Raiders, Representin'.


Spiritual Warrior Soul: Roman Catholic Warrior Leaders On The Hardwood ROCK IT On The Yoga Hardwood, As Well.



Chi-Town Chinatown Love: Word Up To All My (Astrological) Horses, Worldwide!

Chi-Town Chinatown Love: Word Up To All My (Astrological) Horses, Worldwide!
A Little Adventure With Some Of My Iowan, Chinese-American Compadres, To See What Was Cracka-Lackin' In One Of My Former Places Of Residence--In My Tried And True "Protest Jeans" By 7 For All Mankind--Thank You, L.A.!, Sat./March 21.15

Post-Photo Shoot, Sat./10.29.11

Come to Class!:

  • ~September 27th, 2012: Love Yoga: The Movement is now endorsed by NICC and is being considered for regularly scheduled class times and within-the-semester-system presence on both campuses, based on leaders from the school's personal experience in class. Look for additional class times & learning opportunities as they become available! Big ups to Northeast Iowa Community College for supporting enlightenment and higher intelligence with both feet in!
  • ~~UPDATE: TH./October 4th, 2012: Word is NICC is not interested in adding anymore "Fitness" classes to their system, 4 the time being. I said, "Yeah, Power Yoga is Fitness if fitness means your whole life!" Oh well. It is what it is.
  • -The Dubuque Community YM/YWCA has been abandoned as of SAT./12.14.2013. Jill Scott's song "Slowly Surely" is thematic to Love Yoga: The Movement's practice location needs today.
  • P.S. A householder cannot be a yog, by definition. And history. And the truth about it today. Especially here (this country). The best you can do is live and practice within its teachings, like anything, and let your heart lead the way from there. I hope you do. It has produced too many miracles for me not to say so.
  • **DUBUQUELAND/THE WESTERN WORLD: Fair warning--though those involved have already been warned!--There are far more false yogs in this country than people truly on a path of self-knowledge and Truth. Oftentimes, "teachers" are not even certified. Please ensure that they know what the bejesus they're doing be4 running around saying you're practicing yoga. What it looks like, to any Eastern person, no matter how Americanized said person may be, is that there has been a hostile takeover of something ancient & sacred that belongs to US by a bunch of looney toon idiots who would happily bastardize something rich & powerful by making it insane & fraudulent--not to mention all-around ugly. Karma always doth cometh.**
  • ***M/6.2.2014: The Practice Of Love Trumps All Things--Dubuqueland/Iowa/Midwestern authentic peops who R in it to win it, I think you're about to see a practice schedule here in a healthy, sane setting that will lend itself to true connection, sans all the inhibiting forces, to help you become perfected in your physical-mental-emotional-soul-Source-thru-Earthness. As always. There are so many of you on the planet right now capable of so much Good. Develop yourself via will so long as U live.***
  • ****At long last! Starting M/JUNE 16, The Year 2014!!! NEW!--THE DUBUQUE ARBORETUM PAVILION (3800 Arboretum Drive, Dubuque, IA 52001, $17 Drop-In (Cash Or Check For Now), $14 For (Bring Proof!) Students, First Responders, & Veterans. UPDATE! SU/6.22.2014: Love Yoga: The Movement has some Mega-Guardian Beings. Your 1st class is *GRATIS!* to help everyone experience this class. Additional Love Offerings are always welcome for both Love Yoga: The Movement & The Arboretum from The Movement. Feel free to ask about the Team/5-Or-More-Affiliated-People discount:
  • *Bring your own mat! Min. 4 per class! Payment will be taken, upon reception, before class. Sign-in will include signing off on an "I-take-full-responsibility-for-my-health-&-safety-during-this-practice" acknowledgement. We will change, flow, & adapt for the Good Of All as we go, so walk, run, 2-wheel, & carpool to class, & if this area is to become a home to a founding Love Yoga: The Movement shala, it will become a reality from here.*
  • -M/5:45-7:15P-The ORIGINAL Dubuqueland ALL LEVELS EXPERIENCE!--Ashtanga-Based, Santa Monica Power Yoga!
  • -W/5:45-7:15P-All Levels
  • -TH/10:30A-NOON-All Levels
  • *****And then, just like that, by the same treachery as always, life & Santa Monica Power Yoga evacuate the area due to fear & lack that characterize "normal" there. Ask current practitioners for the skinny, & read what happened in my writings below right. Love Yoga: The Movement has left the Dubuqueland area as of F/7.5.2014*****
  • ******MINNESOTA, I look forward to serving you, if nothing else, because I like the way you speak. I'm available for Personalized & on-site work, classes, workshops, & events in the Red Wing, MN area. Please contact to schedule, including such learning experiences which require scheduling & travel. Gratitude.******
  • *******HMM...It's hard to serve Minnesota when you have to go back to Iowa & CONSIDER LEAVING THE COUNTRY because it's BUNK!!!*******
  • ********Tick tock, tick tock...Waiting for an impeccable space from which to teach the Power Within...SU/12.6.2015
  • *********W/JULY 20, 2016: Nothing like a 2 year pause button to teach from the mean streets in these times, fighting for my life and this Movement, in "crisis," with some spotty Personalizeds with shady aspirants, in the meantime. Meeting tomorrow, everyone. Downtown Dubuque, Iowa. SU/9.4.2016: Nobody's home so far, peops. Well--LOL--except me.

One Of The Only Ultimately-Good Things To Come Out Of Cell Phones--Creative Expression.

One Of The Only Ultimately-Good Things To Come Out Of Cell Phones--Creative Expression.
Even When I Try To Look Like A Bad A**, Tho', This Is Apparently My Peers' Interpretation.







New Paradigmatic Enlightenment Services:

This Movement is committed to the spiritual power of individuals who are dedicated to their own spiritual growth and existence while they R here. Therefore, all prices are negotiable for those who desire to become more enlightened, ascended, Christ or Buddha-like, and additional donations are always welcome towards this informally begun non-profit Movement.

If U are sincere and have pure intentions, you will immediately be seen for that. These prices reflect an acknowledgment of the capitalistic society in which we live, believes that the best in class deserve to be paid accurately 4 their gifts, and that, in an ideal society, the enlightened would flow money power, if such a thing even existed. It also believes that $ means nothing to the truly powerful, but creating Utopia, so to speak, according to the rules until they R different, is also the place to be.

I find that my practitioners/students who invest and do the work, individually, with me, especially in conjunction with regular attendance to the asana classes I lead, see tremendous benefit, including pretty immediate "huge" revelations, releases of pent-up emotion, a "synchronistic" or miraculous event, or a job promotion, to name a few.

  • · LEARNING (Ashtanga-based)(Santa Monica) POWER YOGA &/or MEDITATION (with many types of influence—primarily Zen Soto [Buddhist], New Age/Metaphysical, & “the kind yogis do in class”) WITH ME-$85 4 1 Personalized Lesson. U may purchase a pre-paid group of 10 sessions for $800 (8-mo. expiration from date of purchase, intended, ideally, for use within 1.5-2)(Non-refundable, non-transferable, however, unused sessions may be donated to other students in financial need prior to their expiring). No “traveling” fees in this Movement, except over 20 miles.
  • · EMF BALANCING TECHNIQUE (Phases I-IV) and SPIRITUAL ILLUMINATION SESSIONS-Advanced Energywork connected to the Indigo and Crystal Children Phenomenon, also known as the "Martial Art Of The Heart," and Spiritual Teaching & Guidance Sessions-for truth & healing to the center of your being from an “awakened forerunner Indigo/Crystal Child” (That means “Spiritual Luminary with a high level of spiritual acumen & accuracy”). Typical topics that emerge or are brought to the latter are Work, Relationships, Life Purpose, Core or Untapped Gifts, including Spiritual ones, and past hurts that require higher perspective to be unwound into free-flowing energy. $200 per session (Typically, 1 hr.-1 hr. and 15 min.).
  • · SPIRITUAL ILLUMINATION-BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT and IMPROVEMENT FROM WITHIN for sole proprietors to corporations. Cost depends on project & can be adapted to fit your budget. Please inquire.
  • Cash, check, & money orders are acceptable methods of payment. Amy Jin may be reached at with inquiries or to schedule.
  • Spiritual Illumination Sessions can be done in person, by phone, and also in writing (electronically or hand-written). Energywork can also be done over the phone.

Titthibhasana - (Firefly Pose)

Titthibhasana - (Firefly Pose)

Honorable Giving: Generous Love Offerings Power This Movement

Honorable Giving: Generous Love Offerings Power This Movement
Feel good about contacting to give and receive (M/7.29.2013: Feel good about knowing that this has already begun, more officially than ever before, since my return to Dubuqueland on 12.31.2011. Let's keep it flowing Big on behalf of Source). Needed immediately (Contact Amy Jin [] for details):

  • -Donations to back a stand-alone Physical Location/Income for my teaching and this Movement
  • -Increased donations/backing to fund positive Activities, spreading Santa Monica Power Yoga-based teachings and lifestyle, traditional Ashtanga Yoga, traditional meditation, and wisdom teachings from myriad traditions that help to awaken and enlighten a people, regardless of physical location
  • -Others in Mass Media to donate Promotion of the ideals/ideas examined here for the enlightenment and spiritual dimension of those who would benefit from this Movement
  • -A Contemporary, Cutting-Edge Web Designer on donation/trade with the Movement to provide 'Net presence
  • -A Network of Elite Healers to Exchange Holistic Healing/Spiritual/Conventional Medicine/(Holistic) Dentistry Work on Trade, who R committed to excellence in their practice, with teachers and leaders of this Movement, as it develops

Urdhva Prasarita Eka Padasana - (Standing Splits, Y'All!)

Urdhva Prasarita Eka Padasana - (Standing Splits, Y'All!)

2011 Lovers of This Spiritual Movement & Amy Jin's Work: Given Resources, Products, Services

  • Jessica Schifman*, Power Yogini (Overland Park, Kansas)(Kansas City Metro Area): Intuitively and custom-made lifestyle products-Please inquire about intuitively-made Power Yoga Mat Straps. My latest is about the beauty of the ancestors (Native American power!) and the Buddha.
  • Sarah Brent, Amy Jin's Co-Captain from DePaul (Volleyball)(Bella Vista, Arkansas): $ supporting the Movement!
  • Lauren Naylor & Focal Point Salon (Phoenix/Scottsdale, AZ): Haircut & rockin' purple hair color *TRADE*-turned-Love Offering to Love Yoga: The Movement. A beautiful team effort on Mayo Blvd. to rep Beauty on this list (
  • B.J. & the Metro Motorsports/RideNow Powersports Peoria team* (Peoria, Arizona)(Phoenix Metro Area): YAMAHA Zuma 125 TLC & industry friendship. And they still have my hot chocolate! Become less of a burden on this planet by supporting the rockin' hype color, fun, sensitivity, creativity, style, & opportunity for self-mastery, better operation of all motor vehicles, & personal expressiveness through Motorsports wherever U R (!
  • KEY: $=$1-500, $$=$501-1000, $$$=$1001-10,000, $$$$=Over $10,000

2012 Powering-The-Yoga Supa Humans/Collective Efforts!

  • Jessica Schifman*, Power Yogini (Overland Park, Kansas)(Kansas City Metro Area): An Amy Jin-encouraged Power Yoga mat strap line, finally developed! I was rockin' one on mine while teaching in Kansas City before any yoga brand came out with similar concepts. "Gold" has been donated to Love Yoga: The Movement (
  • Dr.Joseph A. Magno***, Author, retired Associate Professor of Philosophy at Loras College, and healing practitioner (Dubuque, Iowa): $ for the journey/to support me/the Movement!
  • Sarah-Mom and Sam-Dad Schmelzer**, former Dubuque Internal Medicine Business Office Woman & Golden-Day John Deere Dubuque Works Laborer, respectively (Dubuque, Iowa): $ to raise the current official vehicle of the Movement, my YAMAHA Zuma 125, from the dead and get it back on the road for the first time in Iowa!
  • Northeast Iowa Community College, one of the top ten community colleges in the nation (by the Aspen Institute)!(Peosta, Iowa): Provost approval and leadership (who R Power Yogi/nis!) hoorah!s to post Love Yoga: The Movement flyers and class times at both the Peosta campus and the Dubuque Center locations. U can't get more enlightened than that! Amy Jin & Love Yoga: The Movement, both, support the development of enlightened human beings, a more conscious, intelligent society, and delighting in the enchantment of learning thru whatever excellent means necessary!
  • Brett Albarado***, fellow Light bringer, a former colleague at the horrifying Unity School of Christianity at Unity Village, MO (Red Wing, Minnesota): $ given in the truest spirit of tithing to this Movement.
  • Please note: All Love Offerers are listed with their permission. All who support The Movement R encouraged to receive due recognition and karma for their actions thru this section. Please be aware that there are also those listed who since have been terminated, in regard to their relationship to myself and/or Love Yoga: The Movement but, by my choice, will continue to be listed until I determine to axe all mention of them. As always, may all beings receive their due and righteous karma. As a Catholic schoolgirl, I learned it was once said, "Whatsoever U do to the least of my people, that U do unto me." It wasn't mentioned what would happen when U hurt or harm one of the most significant souls, or on that same token, help them, because it hopefully requires no explanation:
  • *Hmm-mm.
  • **On spiritual/psychic probation by Source. And by Source, not humans, because spiritual invasion or psychic stalking by other humans is not only creepy as crap but against Spiritual Law. Don't break any laws. Simply arm yourself with the truth, and do not stray from it.
  • ***Energy no longer allowed to affiliate with Love Yoga: The Movement. Period. Until further notice. S/6.7.2014: And until Wrong is made Right, where possible. I would, if I were you, but I am not. The question is, "Will U?"

The 2013 Honorable Love Offerers of Love Yoga: The Movement

  • Wal-Mart-Dubuque, my hometown's location of the American retail giant (Dubuque, Iowa): A gift certificate ($) to provide all-natural/organic food for the upcoming Ashtanga/Power Yoga Film Pow-Wow & to Love Yoga: The Movement, in general! Thanks to Jennifer, Cash Manager, for taking the time to hear my vision, the resistance to help by other Food & Grocery people in town, & taking about 3 seconds to respond enthusiastically that "Yes!" they'd help and "Thanks for all you're doing!" in a society where genuine gratitude is a rarity. Now, that's Power Yoga leadership. Way to step up to the mic, Wal-Mart!
  • Brett Albarado***, fellow Light bringer (Seer, Channel, Reader...), former colleague at the "The-Indigo-Children-Will-Need-2-Get-Their-Own-Movement!" Unity School of Christianity at Unity Village, MO, multi-purpose Maintenance Mechanic, vehicular healer, & an all-around amazing incarnate Angel (Red Wing, Minnesota): $$$ donated to Amy Jin, Love Yoga: The Movement, & the spread of wise, conscious, intelligent creation of the world's future, from ground up, as a celebration of the existence of universal love that transcends belief.
  • Monks Kaffee Pub* (Dubuque, Iowa): An original, A&E & consciousness-supporting concept on Bluff Love Offering the space and media equipment for our Love Yoga: The Movement May 26th Ashtanga/Santa Monica Power Yoga Film Pow-Wow & Satsang, giving everyone another home off our yoga mats!
  • Bill Finn, President of Scorpio Productions & one of the first "regular" Power Yoga practitioners in this area! (Dubuque, IA): For being the bridge that led to the connection for the event with Trish Feldman, Monks Kaffee Pub's awesome Co-Owner, who relayed, "They're TOTALLY excited to host it!" Music & chai officially makes the world go 'round.
  • David C. Moeller*, Lead Tech Coach for the Dubuque Community School District & dedicated, front-row practitioner in practice! (Dubuque, IA): $ given with gratitude, in class & with class, to Amy Jin & Love Yoga: The Movement for the spread of Is-ness on the planet.
  • Anonymous (4 now)!***, Food leader of the new paradigms represented by Love Yoga: The Movement (Dubuqueland, IA): $ generously given in faith to The Movement, exemplifying keeping one's word, leadership by example, the power of right alliance, & working positive karma in integrity. Cheers to alliances kept solid thru enlightenment & real effort on both sides. "Clean food" is also about chi. Think "U R what U eat."

The 2014 Love Offerers' Wall Of Celebration & Is-ness--

  • Brett Albarado***, Maintenance Mechanic, Aspiring Power Yogi!, & embodiment of Faith in the Truth (Red Wing, Minnesota): $ above & beyond the Suggested Love Offering for individualized work, as a way of giving & expressing love naturally & perfectly, & funding to help establish the 1st Tapas Workshop in this area as fact!
  • Frank Bonacci, one of a cast of all high-caliber professors chosen, but Amy Jin's 1st! English prof, at DePaul University, now a Grant-Writer, a certified teacher of Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, AND a steadfast practitioner of Love Yoga: The Movement's Work! (Schiller Park/Chicago, IL): $ in Scholarship & Love Offering toward the "LOVE YOGA: THE MOVEMENT’S VISION: On Life & Flow—The Tapas Of A Modern Day Yog/ini" Workshop & the continuation of brilliance all over the world, moving on inspiration, producing results, as dedication always does.
  • Wal-Mart-Dubuque (Dubuque, Iowa): Sadly, Jennifer's gone, but Wal-Mart has stepped up again this year to provide a little charitable $ love after our "On Life & Flow" Workshop, thanks to Karen K. & the Accounting crew! Eventually, I'd like all area businesses, big & small, on board with eco-friendly, happy, healthy reality-creation. Our Tapas couldn't be more needed or relevant today. A bow of gratitude to one of the only places whose prices I still trust on organic, all-natural, vegetarian sustenance.
  • The beautiful Dubuque Arboretum (Dubuque, Iowa): This venue, under the leadership of Sandi Helgerson, Executive Director, has offered a "supporting landlord" place (more like support that's otherworldly) to put Ashtanga-based, Santa Monica Power Yoga classes back on the map in Dubuqueland/the Midwest! after many months without a physical location to call "home." The magic, peace, and perfect partnering of this space--a strong presence & opportunity to experience natural beauty in the city for 33 years on volunteers alone--with the destiny of this Movement has infinite potential in both synergy and spark for both individuals and our nation.

2015 People Who "Get It"--Love Offerers Who Keep The Lights On!

  • Frank Bonacci, one of all high-caliber professors chosen, but Amy Jin's first English prof, at DePaul University, now an independent Grant Writer & seminar provider, with experience in grant-writing in Mental Health, a certified teacher of Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, & a steadfast practitioner of Love Yoga: The Movement & enlightenment on the planet (Schiller Park/Chicago, IL): $ funding safe spiritual refuge in 2015, in clearly hostile territory.
  • ...and many others who have stepped forward and have yet to claim recognition, representing Kansas City, Phoenix/Scottsdale, Dubuqueland, IA, & all the places you've gone to school, lived, worked, & called home before...You prove that there are everyday heroics--of all Races, nationalities, religious backgrounds, occupations, economic statuses, educational levels, etc.--being performed every day by "everyday citizens" that effectively battle that which hurts, harms, and takes innocent & important lives, with the kind of love we are all meant to give and receive. You are heart-blooming awesome and are literally changing my 2015 and the course of my life through the love you show, in the absence of all of those who were supposed to be there but turned to shadow, instead.

2016 Love Yoga: The Movement Backers Of The Year:

  • Frank Bonacci, one of all high-caliber professors chosen, & Amy Jin's first English prof at DePaul University in Chi-town, Grant seminar Trainer, certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, in the lineage of Yogi Bhajan, & powerful practitioner of Love Yoga: The Movement's ideals & enlightenment on the planet (Schiller Park/Chicago, IL): $ & complete moral support, creating the gift of safe, spiritual sanctuary, again, which is becoming harder & harder to find. All the more reason to stand tall and staunchly in conviction that bases itself in the Truth. The existence of F.Bonacci should make all Italian(-American)s and Brazilian(-American)s proud of their peops.
  • well as others in this (final) time of protected class refuge and bigger Decision. There are no words for trust met with solidity. My only demand is that it stop being the exception to the rule.

2017 Love Offerers To Love Yoga: The Movement!:

  • Anonymous, L.A. native and positive connect of Amy Jin's and to Civil Rights leadership in the U.S. of A. (Kansas City, MO): "$100 in honor of Amy Jin Schmelzer to the Kenya Service Trip at Clarke College, Dubuque." $

Urdhva Dhanurasana - (Backbend)

Urdhva Dhanurasana - (Backbend)

S/March 7.2015:

S/March 7.2015:
Enjoying The Popcorn.



Sunday, May 28, 2017

Landmark Wisdom From Mitch Landrieu, Mayor Of New Orleans, LA--

"We justify our silence and inaction by manufacturing noble causes that marinate in historical denial. We still find a way to say ‘wait’/not so fast, but like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said, 'Wait has almost always meant never.' We can’t wait any longer. We need to change. And we need to change now." -Mitch Landrieu, Mayor of New Orleans, on the removal of statues of prominent Confederate heroes and leaders in the city and his elucidation of a more perfect Union, May 2017

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Drishti Of The Day, Archived:

"See Source in the faces of your Brothers and Sisters, and you will run deep, to the core of the Earth." -Amy Jin

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Utopian Vision: A State-Of-The-Art Dubuque Law Enforcement Center

It depends on what kind of karma chips the DPD--& Sheriffs--have, but here's my bright idea in the last day or so in terms of what I think should be next for the city infrastructure that's overdue--a LEED-certified, masterfully crafted, generously constructed Dubuque Law Enforcement Center. I saw a lot of White, bright, natural light with high-class, well-chosen materials with nothing superfluous, nothing superficial--highly efficient, possibly specialized in Security without losing the personal, good-things-about-Dubuque feel, including metaphorical handshakes, not more inundation of robotic technology that's already making everybody worse, with relationships that reflect it.

During my tour of the building, it came to me right away that they needed a workout facility that mirrored those attributes,including a Mind-Body-Spirit studio that allowed for the incorporation of Movements Arts into Training, possibly with enhanced Spa capabilities.

And it literally just occurred to me that there could be something like a somehow-eco-friendly Hollywood Walk of Fame outside, with sparkles in the sidewalk, except the "stars" or symbol chosen would reflect the history of Law Enforcement in the City, with names and a phrase, a nickname, length of service, or whatever that would adequately reflect the REALLY good men & women in blue (or brown) who served best--the more locally meaningful, the better.

Inside, there could be an interactive "Yearbook" feature, showing headshots, landmark images, & the names & dates of service of every employee that has ever been employed by the Center. PC, flat screen, projections on the wall were coming to me, but none of them seemed exactly right. Even photo albums could work, but that could get space-consuming over time and couldn't be preserved as well, potentially, depending on how they're held.

And plants, potentially with medicinal properties.

And if you think I'm talkin' stank a** mar-i-juana, you've spent too much time around addicts who mis-sold you and are profiting from your shrunken head. Shamen & True Healers know better.

All of this should have more of an executive feel without losing groundedness, reflecting ever-higher bars of performance aspired to via all components of being by the guys and ladies within.

Before we know it, your everyday officer will be more like an enlightened Seal than not...

God's Will on it.

And then people power & movement on it.

It's the only way that type of Manifestation works.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Juicy Couture Aside...Barefoot & Enlightened For A Cause: Clarke University's Kenya Trip

From the E-Update Stream:

"Hey, 52001/2/3/4 & Others Bearing Witness,
      Tell all your lady friends to come out & see me putting my sparkly boots aside for a minute to return to a Yoga floor & lead some Ashtanga-based (See below & attached), after I was approached about supporting a service trip to Kenya by some local academics.
      Dr. Mary Gatua, my contact for this and potentially a May event open to the public, is one of my classmates in this year's City of Dubuque's Citizen's (Police) Academy. I'm told that next event is at Body & Soul Wellness Center and Spa, & I said that there's some history there, but that I'd likely be open to that, as well, especially since this is a females-only practice, due to the presence of women of all faiths and tenets around the presence of men. I only consented to doing this event with men excluded for that reason.
      As you know, my classes are usually abnormally diverse and balanced, gender-wise. Proudly. We can't have a universal conversation without the guys there.
      This is donation-, & not even Suggested Donation-, based, so if you've missed my asana classes, this is a great opp. to come out and help a number of community members at once. I'm doing it for *FREE!* & would be excited to see some of my loyalists who've been hanging out in the area, waiting for the Phoenix to rise, as well as some of you I've met in the meantime who are like, "If you start teaching again, I'm in!"
      Depending on the layout of the class, I'll likely be laying down foundations, as some of you saw me do at local venues in the past, then leading you through some classic Santa Monica-style Power Yoga, so bring your work pants, & I don't mean the kind you iron, y'all.
      Consider this a multi-vitamin to your already-existing spiritual life & a positive influx to your internal systems, mental capacity, unhealed wounds, back, neck, spine, and muscle tone.


Fundraising Yoga: Come & Impact the World
Sat. April 29, 2017, 4:00pm-5:30pm
Hosted by Meryem Ouahbi
Instructors: Pam Connolly & Amy Jin Schmelzer

      Mary Gatua & Carolyn Wiezorek, professors at Clarke University are taking a group of Clarke University students to Kenya this June to work with local community members and implement a service project: establishment of a community library in a rural Kenyan village. We invite you for a yoga session to support this opportunity to make a difference in the lives of Kenyan children, most of whom live in poverty and lack the educational experiences many Americans take for granted. Donation of any amount is welcomed . There will be a donation bucket (close to the door) All Proceeds go directly to the service project

Venue: 4967 Red Violet Dr., Dubuque, IA


'You may make a gift online (secure online link) at or by mailing your contribution check to the Clarke University Institutional Advancement Office 1550 Clarke Drive, Dubuque, IA 52001. Make check payable to Clarke University, Attn. Kenya Trip

Thank you so much and I will see in class tonight.


Mary W. Gatua, Ph.D., MSW
Assistant Professor in Social Work
Clarke University
1550 Clarke Drive
Dubuque, IA 52001'"

--& P.S. I got that the Phoenix officially rose from class at the DLEC on Thursday night--however that works.

P.P.S. This trip has already received one chunk of change from this Movement from a high flyer within its wings! See the Love Offerers List below!

Monday, March 27, 2017

Drishti Of The Day Archived Today--

"Stop Illegal Immigration, & pump the brakes on warfare in The United States of America=Stop using drugs. Raise your children with not just good neighbors but awesome ones by demanding the maximization of their potential. Help to make Mexico AND The United States beautiful again by refusing their desperation in the form of a falsified high...The reveal of a Democracy which is not--or at least advanced in its being so--is the extent to which its people do not achieve wisdom from the truth in their consequences and the extent to which they effort to play God and manipulate the consequences, point blank, as if God's truth cannot be seen immediately by some and will eventually be seen by all in these times, bearing completely naked inferior persons and motivations."
-Amy Jin

Thursday, March 9, 2017

*Hit*--Lettin' It Flow, Just For Kicks, At Dunkin' Donuts Before My Ride-Along...

Not kept in original format, due to HTML programming limitations. :)

"My comfort is delicious
That's why you want to hit this.
And it don't take no Magician.
To be that girl U want (want, want, want, want, want, want, want...)

I'm handling my business
With Creator as my Witness,
It's beyond Superstitious.
I'm the one you want (want want want want want want want to...)

("We gotta:")
Bye, baby, bye to the men who wanna
hit hit hit
Without being anything but (Bye) superfluous.
It won't be what. We. Want.
Come on. Even you've got to admit.
You've gotta Beeeeee love. (Last, 2x)

I wanna start with you on top.
And I don't mean no porno shop. ish.
I mean regal cream of the crop.
Then I'll be what you want.

All the way down, you gotta take it slow
Ain't tryin' 2 complain. I just say so.
Cuz all these playa foes know
I get what I want.

(Refrain -OR-)

And while you busy tryin' a buy me, sly me, be me.
Why don't you slow your roll & try ta just show me, show me, show me
Natural Queen with all that natural energy?
Cuz they all know I'm what you want.


I ain't playin' no games.
I meant it now
U gotta -Scream!- get to steppin'
if you're another 1 of the same.

I don't wanna hear no more
I'm just settling the score.
It just goes on & on & on
until we stop.

I wanna be the 1 U want
I wanna be the 1 you're with.
I wanna be the 1 U want...
I wanna be the 1 to...

We gotta free our heads from the shackles of this bread
A kind of superconsciousness takes it place, instead.
And BOOM! the world lights up like we got strobe lights for our heads
cuz, in the end, that's all we really want (want, want, want) (Refrain)"

...To be continued?

"It is what it is" didn't come from nowhere.

-The Oldest Soul.

The Original.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Evil Kujo, Senile Idea: The As-Usual Pipeline--And Original, At That!

So this is DAYS overdue, but who needs to read the current "Drishti of the Day?!!!"

If the Native Americans,in 2017, have to so much as furl their eyebrows at you, after what you already did to them, & no one's rounding up all your loved ones, like you've done to more than 1 type of people on U.S. soil, beating & torturing them & stringing them up like popcorn from a row of trees, this whole planet's about to blow up because you're just that stupid. It'd be silly to even ASK,"Are you F**KING STUPID???!!" because it'd be one last conversation before the War anyone would have to drink in pure oxygen while there's still any left.

Yeah--Vision. We all want to work in the "normal" of Convenience & Gas, detailed in my reports from the real world, in my work as The Lion Undercover, on this website. It's SOOOOOOOOOO inspiring. And naturally motivating. And expressive of human potential.

I look forward to when God reclaims this planet, one way or another. If we're wise, we'd hand it back over to the indigenous now, & have them teach us a hell of a lot more than the countless uses of corn. How 'bout how to care for everything in existence while never harming anything. It's not a question. I can't imagine the widely pervasive virtue in THAT.

Hate the Messenger, if you dare, or consider this signed, "Sincerely, Cause Ann Effect."

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Message To Seoul: Koh, Choon Mae & Mr.Innocent-Or-Not

Koh family, I believe you belong to me, or I to you. I exist. And your hope for my life has not been made manifest but within me, has been completely contrary to what you voiced before you fled and left me in the hands of perfect strangers. A country still at war--as Asians do--in relative silence. Shining Kingdom, you are halved and scattered. I am your Fighter. I have heard it said, on the wind, amongst those who still get to be owned by you, that I have ancestors in the Temples. How would they know? Am I the one who answered when they wondered who I was, & they could simply Read?

What does your face look like? Why did you let him? Did you tell him? Is it because you felt fear? He must not--because I have never felt it. I have never felt fear, though I am like a drop of Asian blood in the middle of a clear, white field...of flowers or of flames. Always bleeding. Cannot stop bleeding. They cannot even correctly say my name.

You are not Pure. You are fraudulent. Friends up the coast. Family over the line. Regal bloodlines scattered, like fools or vagrants, or both--putting on fraudulent, happy faces, like clowns. Clowns painted with "Murder," I'd imagine. Doing it the "right" way after the sacrilege is gone. Lying, like a nut job, about the life you've lived, as some of the most beautiful babies on the planet were shipped off, like Duracell batteries, by the 100's, by the 1000's...for a world of users and predators who can't stand Asians to fondle and play with, like the sad, mad, bad scoundrels they kill us, comprehensively...for their pleasure...and for their feed their sickening, and dead, similarly disconnected souls.

You hate the Japanese. Perhaps rightly so. And the Chinese. And the North. And your bastard children, though the problem isn't them--It was you, namely your lack of self-mastery. So blame the outcome. How Western of you. How telltale of leaving the Temples behind. To sing to a White master that abhors the idea of a Magical Land with Spirits on Whispering Winds, touching earth after coming down from the mountains. I have made a name for myself withOUT bowing my head in service to that false master--for any purpose--but rather, by standing so very, very tall. How 'bout you, Beautiful Nation? Exquisite lotus flowers...eyes like petals. Put them back in place. Leave your scalpels and sharp edges for the enemies that tempt you to lower yourself to levels not made for colorful, spinning joy and bliss whose smiles outshine the sunshine. I bow to you with my eyes, filled with entire galaxies and eons of time, with ancient weaponry as built-in design.

To be limited by knowing my place would be a gift. To be given so much, in a world that could provide it all, is no freedom. Our limitations help us to wield Honor--of the soul and our person. To make your foods and fall in love...with someone who makes sense, for once, because we are cut out of cloth that's supposed to be made into the same, celebratory cloak...would be too easy? And everything about this life has had to be hard. All this power, this Energy, this wisdom, forced thru one skinny channel, rather than spread thin like the butter AND the jam through everyone else's helping themselves but never being able to provide what's needed the most...One climax alone.......would likely push out, expand the lines of our territory. I promise you that. Asian nations would be begging us to own part of where they are. That would be health for the nation. Your immediately gratifying ecstasy has provided nothing but nightmares and pain. Our potent men, weak, drunk, and undesirable. Our otherworldly females, trivialized rape victims or whores for the pigs at the trough, depending on the fight within them. Running from each other. Running from themselves. Leaving The United States of America, on almost every front, saying, "Asian-America?" Always with a question mark.

You have never given me that option. To not be the consummate, bull-headed American--to play subservient, intoxicating Geisha whose life means nothing except for the little mammals of joy she pops out to a man who simply deserves it. I have gawked, in this life, at the swans that were Korean people, as if I had no understanding that I was one of them.

You have given me nothing. Just a sea of funny a** people who play Amy Jin Hot Potato, even when I'm far beyond motion sick from moving.

Not even a role model. You have left me to serve as that for every form of Man but yourselves. With all the "no one"'s I have to thank cancelling out the "everyone"'s. And so, as usual, the only one left to sit with is God. Amazing Nation, what. Say. You. To this.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Drishti of the Day Archived Today:

"If you're not clear that you're here solely to walk,or lead, a spiritual path, one way or another, you're probably a householder, or meant to create progeny. And, if that's the case, the best focus for you is on your own dedication to developing your own God consciousness, by whatever means necessary, and on whatever path you feel you can be most successful on, naturally. After that, you should focus on falling in love--and not out of insecurity--but to cherish, appreciate, and grow in relationship to someone you can trust to, potentially, create new life with. The unification of self with Source, however, comes 1st for all of us, or you will suffer what has become the 'normalcy' of disease and relational dysfunction. It has come to me in recent days, as I have, coincidentally?, watched very attractive women go to hot/gorgeous as they melt in to kiss the subject men of their desire that the opportunity for relationship may be one of the most sacred ones available to humanity that gets the most taken for granted & abused, filled with ignorance, instead of purity of motivation, nobility, the Truth, and, most of all, Love." -Amy Jin

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

It's Been About A Decade, But I Love Squirrels.

You know, I wrote about this either by E-Update or somewhere here in my past writings, but I love squirrels...In my long runs in, around, & across cities I've called home, starting, I believe, in depth, in Kansas City, squirrels became my constant companions in these meditative dances with Source, nature, urban landscapes, and out-in-the-middle-of-nowhere's everywhere. I have been awed, moved to tears, at times, & have had to stop to laugh my a off as what other people may see as a mere varmint, to me, has been a most amazing, entertaining, hilarious, intelligent, acrobatic, & athletic friend.

Come to think of it, their kind continued the conversation when I got stuck/ended up staying down in Phoenix Metro between 2010 & 2011...the little guys (& females) I ended up calling "desert squirrels." I found out later that other people call them that, too. Desert squirrels added an additional element of hilarity since they're colored like the sand, stand up on their hind legs, are super cute in a way that Midwestern squirrels aren't, & run under & pop up from the ground, if I remember correctly.

I'm sad that, in the moment, I don't remember the worth-telling, almost mystical, experiences I've had with these little dudes...but maybe it's something of an every-handful-of-years cycle for me because in a weird mis-read of the weather Monday, I took off on a Moon Day & ended up getting drenched, toward the end. Earlier on, though, this squirrel comes up on my left, almost in two-step to my one, & almost before he did what he did, I was like, "Showboat." And he parkour'd off a square fence post in order to slightly alter his direction, literally like kicking up in my face, obviously, beating me in speed...& all I saw was the big, bushy tail waving at me. I think at least one car saw me bust out laughing.

And, before I could just call it good, still smiling about the encounter, sprinkles turned to an April shower in November, & I'm doing acrobatics to avoid rivers and ponds forming within minutes on my path.

Here's to being humbled by rockin' squirrels just tryin' to get a nut.

Drishti of the Day Archived Today:

"The funny thing about enlightenment, or God consciousness, is that the more you attain, the more all the things you so passionately desired stop mattering as you've literally attained them, like a mirage. The world can, in fact, be experienced as the illusory one spoken of in Eastern religions. It is, in fact, its truth." -Amy Jin

Monday, November 7, 2016

Never Question What I'm Saying To You--This Is The Definition Of Being Targeted In The City Of Dubuque.

Transparency promotes the Truth, the whole Truth, & nothing but the Truth, so help us God. Here's some Truth for those who already knew, all those who asked, speculated, or intuited, & those who, for lack of a lot of things, questioned that "Amy Jin's being targeted--even in her own hometown--for standing in the Truth."

-----Original Message-----
From: Amy Jin
To: Crenna Brumwell & The Love Yoga: The Movement E-Update List
Cc: State of Iowa & Department of Justice People.
Sent: Thu, Sep 22, 2016 8:20 pm
Subject: Re: ***Supa Importante: From Amy Jin & Love Yoga: The Movement, TH/9.22.2016: Fwd: Dubuque Human Rights Complaint Inquiry***

"similarly (Should be: 'experienced incidents reported on')"--for "reporting done"

      I should have more material wealth, at this point, by all good measure, than I humanly know what to do with, were it not for my conscience and will aligned with the Supreme Being's.
      Whether I have been a top corporate executive forced, in invisible binding, to be Grocery Store (Cashier) over and over and over again, across every industry under the sun, hated by those who cannot because they don't have the capacity--for the eventual role of CEO or the gross injustice--or an early twentysomething trying to trump U.S. Diplomacy by working for God...behind a podium, armed with my pen or my music of keystrokes, in what I will or won't do for Hollywood-level fame when that Way found me...or laying my hands on uncountable strangers with the sole purpose of sending them directly to God...
      ...I have never once failed to give a single soul what I was trained to--or what was meant--on this earth or by Source.
      I hope you understand this--even pretty Crenna, who's copied here, and know I was not designed to know any other way. And, therefore, I don't understand yours. I have, in fact, been fired for exactly opposite of what (Should be: 'one' for 'would') should be--or performing TOO well. I might have wound up far worse had I actually done something genuinely bad--?
      You would be hard pressed to find a floor I had just mopped that would not say the same.

      And, finally, in regard to Civil Rights Justice in this country, it occurs to me that who gets helped and how, and FIRST, should be exactly akin to standing for admission to, say, Harvard Law. I tend to wonder how this country might look right now if those with the best records were actually protected ER-style. In that event, my number's been blinking for several years.

I Am Still Waiting For My Life Back From All Who Have Taken It.
Karmically, It Can Be Reclaimed No Other Way.

Flawlessness, & Immediate Self-Correction, Like A Yog, To All Of You,

Peace Without Rugs

"True peace is never accomplished with shadiness, shirking responsibility, or shoving anything under a rug.
Rugs are best left for (Ashtanga-based/Santa Monica) Power Yoga practice." -Amy Jin

Image Courtesy of AOL Image Bank
United States of America

-----Original Message-----
From: Amy Jin
To: The Love Yoga: The Movement E-Update List
Cc: State of Iowa & Department of Justice People.
Sent: Thu, Sep 22, 2016 7:25 pm
Subject: ***Supa Importante: From Amy Jin & Love Yoga: The Movement, TH/9.22.2016: Fwd: Dubuque Human Rights Complaint Inquiry***

      Bottom('s) up, Readers!

The Jinster.

-----Original Message-----
From: Amy Jin
To: Cbrumwel
Sent: Thu, Sep 22, 2016 7:16 pm
Subject: Re: Dubuque Human Rights Complaint Inquiry

Crenna Brumwell,

      As you may understand, that situation was about the saddest welcome home I'd ever received after the similarly reporting done before that--both on my website and thru all other forms of communication.
      Until it is different, that is what I experienced, and I wouldn't speak anything but the truth.
      I do think you're probably a good person, on some level or levels, I'm prone to defend women, in general, especially who may or may not face barriers, professionally, for being one, and I would like to think I'm due experiences now that give me far more Justice than this.
      I appreciate this response and thank you for your honesty. I find it sad for this City, however, that, essentially, it won't protect me for standing up for Justice within it?
      I will pass this along to my database so they can understand more what we've all been up against.
      I am worth fighting for. I hope you have had perhaps a wink of that by now.

Peace Without Rugs

"True peace is never accomplished with shadiness, shirking responsibility, or shoving anything under a rug.
Rugs are best left for (Ashtanga-based/Santa Monica) Power Yoga practice." -Amy Jin

Image Courtesy of AOL Image Bank
United States of America

-----Original Message-----
From: Crenna Brumwell
To: eternallove47
Sent: Thu, Sep 22, 2016 10:08 am
Subject: Dubuque Human Rights Complaint Inquiry

Ms. Schmelzer:

I received your message inquiring what conflict existed resulting in your local human rights cases being sent to the Iowa Civil Rights Commission for processing. The conflict stems from our traffic court interaction a few years back and your subsequent statements made online and distributed throughout the community. To refresh your memory a summary is available at:

To protect the integrity of the process, it is important that I recuse myself from situations that could raise the appearance of a conflict or an inability to remain objective. Consequently, I will not participate in a case investigation where you are a complainant. In the future, if you would prefer to file complaints directly with the Iowa Civil Rights Commission, the Human Rights Department can assist you in doing so.

Thank you.

Crenna M. Brumwell
Assistant City Attorney
Harbor View Place, Suite 330
300 Main Street
Dubuque, IA 52001-6944
Ph: 563-589-4381
Fax: 563-583-1040

This message has been scanned for malware by Websense.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

That's What's Up: "This Is Us" (NBC) Nails It.

Again, the nice thing about being a hotel/motel/Holiday Inn refugee is the television, which was absent, alongside my cell phone, for about the past decade, other than the News & award shows & other major events I'd make a point to go see.

I've alluded to it on this website, but something that's been missing is my generation, period, & this show captures our collective energy, as told through the stories and exposure of what everyone whose life cycle got thrown back about 10 years in the Recession is doing with what they came out of the Recession with--the nature, intensity, and Sight that's still missing in action as the Baby Boomers still try to get out of their systems whatever they're still trying to process.

Here's to all the Generation Y'ers, or what have you, who have passionately told me in the last year they still like "real phones" better than cells.

And happiness, as I've noticed that all the people I've told in the past several years, across the country, with similar passion--especially those who were Industry-connected--my vision of a more enlightened Modeling/Entertainment, Beauty, Fashion, etc. world must've been paying attention. I think we put out worlds of possibility in these historically racist and limited older models continue to stay around & remain top of mind & Beauty continues to expand its borders, preferably without bringing down its standards. Ain't no one who can replace the original Supermodels. Everyone has their place.

And ain't no place like the spot you hold down on this planet, so expand your capacity to See, to Love, and to bring about true perfection in the world by working the artwork of YOU.

THAT'S what's up.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

And On Patrol: Another Interesting Stone In The Pond Called "Life"

Thx to Officer Z.Ramage & those on the Force who let me ride along Friday night. Thanks to Ramage for finding me "in waiting" at Casey's General Store, as our "Officer Friendly"--and to Source, actually, for making all the electricity go out in the building when he came back to talk to me about federal employment(, which he started out as), Law School, and being perpetually overqualified because of mass corruption in the Recession & the Afterwards, as that urban monk with a lot more breadth & depth to offer The Matrix, of which tagging along was a mentioned bullet point. No pun intended. The challenge issued I'll share with you, "on your way to Law School &/or federal employment," in general, when he didn't just read my mind but my being was something like, "SOMETIMES you need to show people how to do something if you see it can be done better." Well, ALWAYS! Thx to Captain K.Klein for pre-authorizing my bringing my Dunkin' Donuts along. And to texts about it, including Bill Finn, making sure I wasn't "feeding the stereotype" by hittin' DD for the round things first...I'm thinking, "It's coffee." So I text back, "And I'm here writing music. Does that matter?" Conclusion of the experience: Self-mastery prevents harm amongst the people and, thereby, those in blue. In an enlightened society, we wouldn't need the Law. No one would ever do anything wrong.

Sacred Buffalo: Eating Meat For 1 Of The 1st Times Since 1999!--? HHhhhWWWAYYY.

Interestingly, rather than come back from the West Coast & go RAW vegan in 2004, which was what my body was beyond ready for, after being vegan straight out the gates after my spiritual awakening junior & senior year at DePaul University & incorporating sparse seafood & possibly some dairy back when not in my own kitchen after 9/11 (Was still training like an elite athlete, intensely, & was feeling the cosmic stress=Was a bit anemic after returning from Vision Quest 2001 with my main dude, at the time), I think there have been about 3--That's it--Boston Market Rotisserie Chicken rockin' meal deals over a season in Overland Park, I want to say after coming back from L.A. the 2nd time, though that seems too recent--so maybe when I landed back in Kansas City in 2006, more as a way of grounding and trying to find all-encompassing homeostasis, physically, from a lot of earthly and otherworldly changes at the time...That, & the mistaken meat carnivores--OOPS!--accidentally put in your food, & your acute sensors miss that morsel, every 5 years or so, a second too late...Anyway, scroll down. I'm on Prairie Island in 2014, & my Seer colleague back in the day stating clearly that I was overseen by powerful Spirit Guides including a massive, soul-beautiful, Native American warrior who kept encouraging me to put some of the earth animals back in my diet but I kept overriding that with my will...came to call. So I decided then to try some bison meat, as a hype and reverent ritual, next Pow-Wow--wherever and whenever that might be...So I take off of work (last mo.) to go to the Meskwaki Pow-Wow, back here at home in Io-WAAAAAYYY, that I have a weird feeling I have some uncanny connection to. Plus, it's called "East Meets West" or some stuff like that. Well. Don't ya know it gets called off for unknown reasons the day before I'm already logistically set up to take off for it. In the meantime, I run into Cory Schlitter (again), here in Dubuque--or, rather, he comes to where I am. And, Choctaw power, he now has something to do with a family biz, Iowa Bison Company, in terms of Sales & Business Development. Thx 2 both for helping me make good on my intention to Self yesterday--and to Cory for telling me that, ironically, the Meskwaki may be the only tribe who don't eat bison! because of the sacredness of the animal. It all worked out, tho', as usual. And was totally worth it. Thank you to the beautiful, peaceful mammoth that gave its life. I will serve you well.

Monday, August 22, 2016

American Wall Of Shame: Casey's General Store & Others--

See my LinkedIn Profile (Amy Jin Schmelzer) until further notice. KC Bell & the Kansas Human Rights new, federal mentor/ally...the Iowa Supreme Court, who all of a sudden decided reviewing my slumlord landlord case was "untimely filed." Seems perfectly on time. If there can be clearly special circumstances, including mounting evidence that what I said--Everyone involved in this is drug-related, a criminal, corrupt, &/or has zero ethics--is true(, as always), these would be it!

If you all can make it--Reading, not just looking at pictures--through this entire chronology, & read this entire website, as I did earlier this year, which only fortified my strength, I've got a life now that makes "Undercover Boss" look like a toddlers' television show.

Rise up, out of indifference & inaction, at this & any Injustices in your daily life--and the lives of those around you.

Keeping your heart in tact is your own sacred duty to tell you what is what.

For years now, I am adorned in multi-colored, silk ribbons, in regalia of an otherworldly time & space, dancing, in communication with Source, my heart screaming in vibrations of such terror that they could never descend into words, bringing the Terrible to this planet, as God holds me up and listens with the Silence reserved only for His Pure. It is Rage, Cleansing, Truth, and Horror at the Unnatural called the compromised, the corrupted, the Unawake...but remember this one thing, if nothing else that I have ever told you. Never. Ever. Has it been fear.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

An End To War

      To find yourself is the greatest thing in this life.
      To build it into a castle great enough for honorable guests but, most of all, yourself--that is the journey of the self-actualizing being, Beings. Yoga is but one path to realize this while you're alive so your life means something. It is God's greatest imaginings pouring out of you as part of the whole of human Consciousness.
      That thur weed, animal-I.Q. sex, and ancillary vices have got you lookin' dirty and are already in the way.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Profound Insight From Former President George W. Bush--

"Too often, we judge other groups by their worst examples while judging ourselves by our best intentions." -From an interfaith service in Dallas, TX for the officers slain during the recent protest there

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Powerful Brothers With Resonant Truths

You'll have to find the interview to hear what I heard, but it sounds exactly like some of what I spit, rap, and talk about in class, and in life: Sebastian Junger on his book called "Tribe: On Homecoming and Belonging" on "Today." Today.

Also, BET awarding Actor(, Model, etc.) Jesse Williams the Humanitarian Award at tonite's BET Awards, and his speech. Involvement in Ferguson and Black Lives Matter.

You can thank all this protected class refuge via hotel, extended-stay style, for the presence of non-stop television around in my life to bring you this proud report on examples of the refreshing redefinition of "Drop Dead Gorgeous."

Other people's truths that are true are the gold bricks laid in the foundation of the building of the King's Castle. And the castle that King has already built. May we all finally live there.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Yea-yah, Congress Sit-In & Baby Boomers Finally Breaking Up Their Own Patterns!, Plus Violent Bigotry At The Peosta Quality Inn

      I was violently discriminated against out of 1 of my last safe places of refuge in this area Thursday, awakened peops, as I was literally about to get into practice--the apparently, massively broken Peosta Quality Inn (Peosta, Iowa), which is "going independent," which means they don't take accountability for their internal problems or mistakes, much less about 4 or 5 major amenities not working for over a week (One of my contacts in the area tells me it's been under major fire for the past year, which would explain my not knowing. I just know a guy died out there since I came back in April, said the paper).
      Then the interview (below) goes from geeked to bust, as well, during my litmus test, which is to wake up somewhere safe, for sure, the next morning(, thx to 2 of my most dedicated practitioners left), explain what I'm dealing with down here, then watch them go ghost, as well, again, proving my point on the weakening of the vast majority of "everyday" people in this country. I wanted to say "citizens," but I can't say that's primarily true anymore, which is a huge part of the problem.
      Read from the bottom up, as usual.
      And, in usual coincidence with global events, I turn on C-SPAN for an entire practice, in the background, now from my 3rd Extended Stay in 2 weeks, and I e-mail out, "I notice they keep referring to someone as 'Mr.Speaker' who's not Paul Ryan--? I break into tears when Rod Blum comes on. It seems to coincide to something I can feel happening in this country on my behalf, and it moves me to tears. Then, I notice how many Congress people step up to the mic who aren't pronouncing names right--or even using correct grammar. They, then, proceed to name Post Offices for over an hour--??!!!"
      I see today they've finally gone back to the roots of their generational contribution to this country, however, by doing a good ol' fashioned SIT-IN about the gun problem! I stood up & cheered from the foot of my hotel bed. WOOHOOOOOO!!!
      Here's the thing, though, on Omar Mateen, on things in general--the more selfish and unenlightened the majority of the bell curve stays, & the more they keep it that way, willfully and purposefully, as below, to everyone's detriment--mostly their own--the more off, based on lies, and stupid, confused, and horrifying everything gets.
      And, for those of us who simply can't go there, the more we leave this planet--with the coral reefs, the rainforests, the super-old trees that can't grow back like that after you cut them down, and the other beings in God's universe who abhor what has happened together and to the same degree.
      Therefore, thank God for Donald Trump bringing Business, for better of for worse, to the podium for everyone to think about, for being brave enough and forthcoming enough to call things for what they are so we can at least begin a dialogue based on people being honest. Only then can we decipher what's truly Right. Thank God for Hillary putting her nose to the grind to do what she feels she needs to do in this life. Humans do still have a margin of error, Bell Curve, even character-wise. This can change, but that is a collective and individual choice, both, & the treatment of this Movement shows where that's at--but it's not you, right? Everyone but you! Thank God for all of the rare people on this planet who are not only awake but who are overwhelmingly better people than they are not, from nature out. It is through such Witness that the world has a chance to 100% eradicate the criminals mentioned below.

The Jin.:

-----Original Message-----
From: Amy Jin
To: Peops--Hopefully No Traitors Or Dr.J/Mr. Or Mrs.H's
Sent: Sat, Jun 18, 2016 12:34 pm
Subject: Re: URGENT--Re: Rochester Area Contacts During Interview?--Fwd: Global Integrated Marketing

      So the Super 8 here just told me $40/night for extended stay this morning. The gentleman who seemed very astute, experienced, & helpful said, though, that even though he "knows" that that is the rate, the only person who can lock it in is the Manager. The Manager, when just called, takes that way up. Interesting.
      He says to call the Motel 6 (We're now getting into places I normally wouldn't stay, period), where I asked about Extended Stay before I left & apparently made quite an impression on 1 of the main guys who works the Front Desk. He said he hoped I didn't think it was weird but he kept my number because I made such an impact on him. He said he'd tried to text me, actually, about my Power Yoga teaching (on my phone that broke/that I replaced when I landed in Overland Park), but that it never got thru. I explained what had happened. He said he felt I could help him quit drinking because he's made progress but "isn't there yet." I told him I'd let him know if I got classes back up & running. I told him I remembered how spiritually "awake" he was, for someone in this area. He wished me well, & then his Manager did the same thing. Stan Gudyma told (Add: 'me') he & his Co-Owner stayed there when they 1st came up from MO, for a summer, at $200/month. Bill Finn stayed at the Super 8 after devastation in 1 house, to the next, for about $25/night. We'll assume the latter situation was in off-peak time, but still.
      Some of the last options--the Econo Lodge in Peosta (Should be: 'Key West'). Sounded like an Indian-American gentleman, but can't be sure. He said he had availability but to go to the Glenview because it would fit my budget, which was even weirder still. I was always scared of the Glenview, from the outside, even if it was by the mall/J.F.K. (Note: I later realized it was a different place I'd looked at in previous years but kind of the same, off of Grandview). Anyway, I tried calling, & no one answers the phone.
      So it looks like I'm headed over to East Dubuque. Even though it's the same rate as the Super 8, a happy Indian-American Front Desk employee responded to my telling him the aforementioned & brought a higher rate down to something more digestible for Extended Stay. I would much rather support people who are kind and work within their allowable means to help people than people who exploit others when they've already been attacked.

This Is Bananas.

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P.P.P.S. Most importantly, when I called back to Casey's in Peosta to tell them what happened & leave a message for the GM, 1 of the girls who works overnight was listening, & she said, "NO WAY--Was it Jackie? Was it Jackie?" I said, "The GM--" "What's a GM?" "The Manager and the woman who's originally from Texas--who actually was really nice to me earlier & heard about why I was there, but then she joined the demonic team." "Yeah, that's Jackie." Which was important because, amongst other things, when I was leaving on Thursday, before touching base with Captain Klein & the Peosta Police, the latter of which said, "That's a Civil matter. We're not getting involved." Yeah. Civil Rights matter, all right. Anyway, after getting my receipt, they both came back out from hiding? in the back, & I said, "What are your names?" They both started screaming at me to "GET OUT!" I said, "You're not even going to tell me your names--in case there is an investigation." "I'll call the police on you for trespassing!!! GET OFF MY PROPERTY!" "All right. I'll report that that's your answer when I've asked for the name of Management. I've already called the Department of Justice on you." Texas goes, "SOOOO WHAT." Is that a challenge? As I walked away, I heard the Manager say, which I could hear from the front door, "WHAT A BITCH!!!" I walked back to the Front Desk, "What did you just say?" "GET OUT!!!!!!" I nodded at her, as if tipping my hat, at her, "I'll have you shut down." So we can add "Gender" to the filing of my report, which is forthcoming.
      The overnight girl says, by phone, "Can I stop you for a minute?" "Sure, what?" "You know that that place has been under fire--bad--for like a year now, right?" "No! I was wondering what was going on. It's one of my favorite places in the area to stay." "The POOL--They've been in so much trouble--has been down for probably a year. Nothing works, and they never fix anything. They can't keep a Manager. I don't even know who the Manager is now. It's just like you're saying--It's because they have no standards."
      Or class.
      So jail time for discovered acts of bigotry in workplace settings is my latest idea in the past day or so--which would result in similar increased penalties in, say, public accommodation. Time to get serious about where this is taking us, if it continues.

      Thx to Bill Finn, Prez of Scorpio Productions, by the way, on the evacuation help, subsequent tour of more "enlightened"--?--businesses & spaces trying to do their thing in Dubuque, & helping to get me here for the last 2 days.


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From: Amy Jin
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P.S. There was a massive surrender/letting it all go yesterday, on my part, before having an instant & awesome connection with the GM at that new store late last night. She stated an interest in getting me in to interview "early this week." And it's a "she", for once, with an IT background from Cedar Rapids, one of Iowa's cities even larger than Dubuque, though she, too, is a native Dubuquer.

P.P.S. Got to see the new occupancy in the Caradco building my students at the YM/YW had been pressing me to open up in. The woman holding down the fort in Namaste Athleisurewear(!) heard what had just happened in Peosta/in general on my path & looked horrified! She's from D-port/the Quad Cities, though (Again, 1 of our bigger cities in the state). She said she hoped to leave here in a yr. after her son graduates from h.s. I hear that type of thing from a lot of people, but I looked at her like, "We'll see. Maybe there'd be a reason to stay."

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From: Amy Jin
To: Peops--Hopefully No Traitors Or Dr.J/Mr. Or Mrs.H's
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Subject: Re: URGENT--Re: Rochester Area Contacts During Interview?--Fwd: Global Integrated Marketing

      I called the relatively new? Casey's General Store next door in Peosta who I had spoken with after hearing from Rochester, before the violence done to my life on Thursday, who had interest in helping me get going here. I was told that, essentially, the offer that bombed with 7-ELEVEN was needed over at their new location in Dubuque, ironically near 2 places who had once looked to sign me on as a Yog but later bombed. Regardless, it may be a good location to run into magnetized students.
      I already checked their corp. website, as well as others for businesses represented in the area, & there's nothing in my field/that match.
      Thus, in not hearing back from Rochester yesterday after letting my contact know what was happening down here, I can only assume that they'd be as guilty OR that interview confirmation is forthcoming.
      Let me know of your support in getting Love Yoga: The Movement up & running.
      I have cancelled my plans to MN, for now, & will be landing at another Extended Stay for several days, with a surprise nod to help with transportation from the Schlam-Dad.
      I need to get my 125 back on the road & need someone with the vehicle to do so to help me take it down to Smith (Cycle). If you can help with thos, let me know a.s.a.p. Thx.

Metta & Gratitude~

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Subject: Fwd: URGENT--Re: Rochester Area Contacts During Interview?--Fwd: Global Integrated Marketing

      For those who didn't receive this update, read from bottom up.
      I am launching a Love Offering campaign to fight for my rightful place back in this society, starting with about $750 (Not much, but not when you're persecuted and materially left for dead) needed to get up to Rochester, starting tomorrow, and stay there for a week.
      I will cancel the (budget!) hotel I've booked if someone can step forward with solid contacts &/or places I can stay to potentially go through 3 interviews, possibly in 1 day, possibly over many--They've said they'll make accommodations given the situation.
      Should I receive a spot on the Korean-American Adoptee "First Trip Home" trip I've just successfully completed the interview for, that trip would happen this Fall for 10 days, & I will be trying to raise money for the airfare, also, via one campaign or another.
      If you can help with either of these missions on my Mission to spread enlightenment and intelligence on this planet, or know people you could ask who would, let me know today or in coming days. Thank you!

Amy Jin

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From: Amy Jin
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Subject: Fwd: URGENT--Re: Rochester Area Contacts During Interview?--Fwd: Global Integrated Marketing

      Just happened today. Can't find my KHRC contact's e-mail. Wanted you to know. NIGHTMARE in this country:

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From: Amy Jin
Sent: Thu, Jun 16, 2016 11:31 am
Subject: Fwd: URGENT--Re: Rochester Area Contacts During Interview?--Fwd: Global Integrated Marketing


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From: Amy Jin
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Subject: URGENT--Re: Rochester Area Contacts During Interview?--Fwd: Global Integrated Marketing

      I just got pushed out of my reservation by the Owner, who's been avoiding me, about multiple amenities not working in this hotel, including phones. I brought up that I didn't have another place to go, which is why I was here, due to widespread discrimination against my person, which I'd already talked to/had help sending forms from their Front Desk (who were nice!) on, & she said, "I am NOT going to argue about this! You will NOT be comp'd ANYTHING--You're already getting a rate they weren't supposed to give you!!! You need to leave immediately. I'll not have you THREATENING discrimination on me! Or I'll call the police!!!"
      I just called the Human Rights Dept. & will be going to the police myself now. This is a nightmare. It's everywhere.
      She's trying to say I was "yelling" at her in front of customers after I came out to address her after she'd pushed me out of my reservation, now extended thru Sunday, and said she'd take no accountability or even apologize for everything being broken.
      There's no one here, but me, to yell in front of.
      One of my practitioners is here to at least get me away from here.
      This is a nightmare. It is all repeats of my own adoptive family. This is Weston Point all over again.

Peace Without Rugs

"True peace is never accomplished with shadiness, shirking responsibility, or shoving anything under a rug.
Rugs are best left for (Ashtanga-based/Santa Monica) Power Yoga practice." -Amy Jin

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Subject: Rochester Area Contacts During Interview?--Fwd: Global Integrated Marketing

      The update is that by the benevolence of the universe, as channeled through Sir Frank Bonacci in the Chi, I am now extended to stay at this Q Inn in Peosta through Sunday. Out of the new wave of applications/interest that went out yesterday was a seemingly random Resume send to this "face-to-face" Direct Marketing company up in Rochester. I've asked for a description of exactly what their hierarchy & this type of Marketing entails. 3 rounds of interviews, the last 2 more formal, but it has to be in-person.
      I woke up to their interest this morning, & given the situation, she said she would expect they'd do all 3 rounds within days, if not the same day (She's seen it before), but in Rochester anytime I'm ready & willing in the next week or so.
      Does anyone have contacts I could stay with, then, next week, preferably seamlessly from here? Or does anyone want to Love Offer a stay/the rental car up there?
      I'm doing some research on them first. I've gone above & beyond for other employers & interviews, only to have them flake or show no commitment whatsoever. I won't do that again.

Peace Without Rugs

"True peace is never accomplished with shadiness, shirking responsibility, or shoving anything under a rug.
Rugs are best left for (Ashtanga-based/Santa Monica) Power Yoga practice." -Amy Jin

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From: Amy Jin
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Subject: Re: Global Integrated Marketing

      And I have been trying for years to find a true Marketing role back that would help me power my (Ashtanga-based/consciousness) Movement, and I love Rochester and Minneapolis/St.Paul, so let me do some checking about connections I may have in that area to stay with or figure that part out logistically.
      I have been gone for a while, but, after talking to some of my fellow athletes/classmates from DePaul for the 1st time since graduation!, in the last few weeks, mostly in Finance in Chicago, Boston, & overseas, I can only imagine what my reintegration in the Business World would do since my clarity and leadership have been used solely to purvey spiritual, healing-related, and moral causes. I bring that integrity to any work I do, including Marketing.
      Also, I go by "Amy Jin"--my 1st & Middle--as my 1st, as a preference!

Amy Jin

Peace Without Rugs

"True peace is never accomplished with shadiness, shirking responsibility, or shoving anything under a rug.
Rugs are best left for (Ashtanga-based/Santa Monica) Power Yoga practice." -Amy Jin

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From: Cody Alexzander
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Sent: Thu, Jun 16, 2016 8:37 am
Subject: Global Integrated Marketing

Good Morning Amy!

It was so great speaking with you today.

After talking with you and reading a little bit more about you, you have a very driven mentality that I would like my hiring manager to see.

Please check out our website and let me know if you would like to know a little bit more.

Have a great day!

Cody Alexzander
Human Resources
Global Integrated Marketing, Inc
3265 19th St. NW
Rochester, MN 55901
tel: (507) 316-8400

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Back In Dubuque As Of April 8th, 2016: An Update--

      Source has my back, front, and sides. See the following:
      My V.I.P. Guest situation in protected class refuge in Overland Park (Kansas City) in the Indian-Pakistani community had ended, somewhat abruptly, though it had gotten weird/creepy in ways that told me it was beyond time, anyway, when my ally's Engineer brother, from BMW, & wife, from Germany, were given my Guest spot, instead. At the same time, there was no reason why, in normal circumstances, I shouldn't have procured an apartment in 6 months anywhere. These, however, are not "normal" times. Not when the world is so disjointed that you can't find a job at your maximum performance level for years--or when Studios and 1-bdrm.'s are pervasively unavailable for over a year in 1 market, &/or are completely out of sync with many or most "jobs" in the area. As you can see on LinkedIn, which I finally rejoined while down there, Johnson County, historically one of the wealthiest counties in the country?, was trending with the same things that had made me leave Dubuque, so, in some ways, I essentially spun my wheels down there more, with 3-4 similar investigations now under way, at a state and federal level, though I credit the enlightenment, witness, and internal beauty of my old and new contacts in Kansas during this time with helping to turn the tide on many things, including back in Iowa.
      While I'm down there, another key contact from the past year in Dubuqueland reveals his true colors and goes split-down-the-middle on me, too, however, the last contact I have in that area has somewhat reclaimed himself by offering me an emergency landing pad, should I have to come back up there, including in the situation now at hand--I have, miraculously, found a pretty Amy-Jin perfect 1-bdrm. in a haystack, and secured it, though it is not available for almost 2 mos., after commanding a new, ground-level leadership offer from 7-ELEVEN, ironically, award-winning for employing veterans, who has heard my story and has stepped up and forward to help me keep going in that area, looking to re-establish Love Yoga: The Movement there. Kev, my Field Supervisor-in-Training(-himself), is confident I'll be able to find right-fitting work, thereafter. The offer is made "standing." I plan to go back up to my contact's in Iowa during that time, turn around, and come back with what I have left in material possessions.
      After my host proves in the way, again, even on my way out, I finally am headed back to Dubuque. My contact literally bombs as I'm driving into Des Moines. Almost as if they knew, and as had been hinted at in an e-mail a week or two before, Sam-Dad and Sarah-Mom, when called about it, did a bad job of acting at the news. I could land there--for now--without their knowing much more than the nature of what was going on at the time. Getting off the phone with my contact, a psychic portal opened up, and feeling his energy and personal chaos, it shifted into the downtown area of Dubuque. I saw terrorized African-Americans screaming and running, as if something terrible had just happened, Race-wise. A Caucasian male came into my mind's eye, as though he was looking right at me, screaming in rage. He was at hand, and I took it he was a Supremacist. I thought, "What in the going on there now?!" During this same trip, Weston Point, in Overland Park, with Preferred Employer agreements with the likes of Sprint, Cerner, Black & Veatch, the Military, the City of Overland Park(, which is why I chose them), starts giving me further run-around about my application, also trying to fraud me out of my move-in special. Note that, now back in Dubuque, doing my final fill-up at Hy-Vee Fuel in Asbury Plaza, I am stopped, as I'm running out, after paying, by the front page of the Telegraph Herald, which declares something like, "Magistrate Indicted For Felony Theft." I stopped dead in my tracks. April 8th, 2016. Guess who, United States of America!!! MAGISTRATE MATTHEW NOEL, amongst the corrupt judges in Dubuque County District Court the Iowa Supreme Court has told me they don't have "proof" enough to do anything about in the bullying, discrimination, and racism keeping me from the Appeal they've been charging me for, anyway, and stealing my tax refunds over. Therefore, when I write to the state again, asking for that Appeal, I said, "Looks as if I was, in fact, right, and as if I'm owed my Appeal and stolen time and resources back. I look forward to your response." Matthew Noel wrote that corrupt Order in December of 2014--the month he was confronted by Des Moines about stealing, it looked like, 10's of 1000's of $'s from the state, charging for services he never provided in his work with, low-income, likely minority, Iowans.I don't even care that everyone's staring at me. I let out an, "Ohhh myyyy God..." and a victory whoop before running in heels back to my rental. By the time I get back to the house, my contact has recooperated from his self-described "freak-out" and has said the couch is mine, but I decide to stand my ground at the house in Asbury, for the time being.
      Unprovoked, as usual, it took only days before my former parents started in on their usual abuse, denial of facts, and choice to join the insane and disordered, Sarah continuing on her non-stop tape about how racism is my "excuse," made up, and doesn't exist. Fortunately, I'm not having to do a whole lot of lone self-defense anymore since, the next morning, the front page of the paper made the point for me. Cross burnings (again) in downtown Dubuque, taking us back to the 1990's, where I made my initial stand here, against racism and intolerance, for myself and others.
      The state releases my tax refund, in an amazing, miraculous breakthrough, following the fresh wind of correspondences I had unleashed during one of my last visits to the area, weeks before, with no explanation, other than the woman I spoke with saying, "They released it--It doesn't say why or where your letter went, but, yes, it got released," however, it was followed up, days later, by the firm who's been sending me harrassing letters for the past year sending another letter, out of Urbandale, IA/San Antonio, TX. At least they seem usually responsive when I call with updates, including that the state seemed to be conceding something was not right with this case this year. A wild goose chase, as usual, that led me around campus for the better part of a morning, following a long talk with someone in leadership in the Iowa Supreme Court Judicial Qualifications Committee about sending a letter to his boss, Administrator Boyd, in the next office over, still has resulted in nothing pertaining to getting a finally-fair Appeal and outside of Dubuque County, but I'm not giving up. Like I've been saying since the beginning, this is a precedent-ball that this state can't afford to drop.
      My uncle passes away. I happen to realize, in revisitng my Baby Book, as I complete an application to visit Seoul for the 1st time, that he, and some friends, and I believe 1 of my aunts, were my 1st visitors, here in the United States. I believe he was just out of high school at the time. According to notes, he even came back again, not too long after! An intuition that would not go away is not passed along in time. Perhaps it would've made no difference. Maybe it would've. I go to the funeral, in spite of everything, and am glad I did. I discover his birthday was a day before mine. Family is the core of everything. I will always feel and teach that, even if that loyalty is not reciprocated by people I was ignorantly given to. I am an ancient wisdom beacon, in between 2 pieces of lost, fluff-called-bread. I can see why people toss the bun.
      "Work" is even more missing in action now than it was before I left, up here, however, 1 successful Connection with 1 of the Soccer players I went to school with in Chicago creates a subsequent tidal wave of reconnections with guys from that team, which opened up the door to LinkingIn to other athletes from other teams, including my own, I'd wondered about since graduation. My roommate pretty much responsible for my conscious spiritual awakening my junior year. Others. More past co-workers from IT. Grad School, overseas interest are now staring me in the face. How good it is to see their faces and hear their stories--both like mine and not--can't be described. People are nourishment, especially when you've cared about them, and to whatever extent.
      A hate crime that has recently become federal-level that occurred during the tumult of last year, for me, most of which took place downtown, at a bar I was eerily taken to (Coincidence?) by still-needs-to-be-written-about Stan(islav) & his peops, about a year ago to the date, occurs to me to have a name connection to the cross burnings when I was growing up. Follow-up with police connections I have about what I saw on the drive into Des Moines indicates that Randy Metcalf wasn't involved in the cross burnings of the past, but, without looking at old scrapbooks, I'm quite positive that that was an involved name--(More irony,) also the name of one of the main streets in Overland Park. Imagine my surprise, or not, however, when the paper says the following: Local concerned citizens are frustrated by getting no info. from the police on the latest cross burning...and, at some point, Randy Metcalf has told people, locally, that he had something to do with a/the previous cross burning. It did not elaborate.
      The federal government's finally in town, weeks later, for a huge meth/drug bust, where multiple people from the area are arrested. I was high--on life--that day, to put it mildly. LOL. I told Schlamuel & the Sarah that I was going to stand somewhere on the path the whole city apparently watches me run along & hold a sign, "I LOVE the federal government."
      This is following an overflowing public forum about the "heroine/opioid epidemic" now rocking the tri-state area (IA, WI, IL). I also get back a day before the 1st mosque breaks ground, here in Dubuque. I notify my database about both and make public my support of standing up and attending the former and being honoring towards the latter. At this point, however, I don't know who's following suit and who's hating. This is because it takes something like too many local residents dying to overflow a convention center, as opposed to all things stagnating and people watching as real leaders are chased out of town by, for instance, total and complete systematic bigotry, as they did me, explaining a next-to-no one response to the Department of Justice-sponsored Forum on Hate Crimes and the recent cross burning I stood up and attended here on June 1st, where I realize just how bad it's gotten here. The more people move into fear as their primary motivating force, with or without conscious recognition, the more this place starts to feel like a communist country where no one can say how they're REALLY feeling, which is the 1st step to healing dying altogether.
      I also contact Joyce McDermott, head of 2 West at Mercy Medical Center (again), who now concedes to all points I'm making--except for that internal investigation. I proceed, then, to escalate above her to a Board member who also deals with internal investigations and "Diversity issues." Haven't heard from her yet. I. Wonder. Why. I look forward to what I'm strongly encouraging as self-correction and response on their part, showing that anyone there should be getting paid for anything they're doing there.
      In the meantime, after I catch Weston Point, again, doing something either egregiously erroneous or directly "-ist", where they now won't explain calling my 6-7 mos. of asked-for proof of income "4," say, "You WILL pay the amount we're telling you."--Or WHAT?!--and multiply my Security Deposit owed by 4, they don't follow through on their promise to make more clear and transparent their terms, as I demanded, and call me back after they've received an answer from their hierarchy on that, after I'd taught the not-even-the-D.M.-but-pretended-to-be-for-just-over-or-under-an-hour a compact course called, "Business Importance: 101," but send me their Attorney to push me out of my lease, saying they can CLEARLY see I don't like their apartment. Kev has already texted me, saying he has quit and is going back to Sears, 1 of multiple places where he also lost jobs and rank in the Recession, saying he hates it (Convenience/Gas) and to not go back--I won't like it, either! I say, "I'm going to follow through and do it." The Kansas Human Rights Commission just happens to call me back about KC Bell (Taco Bell) right after Weston Point harrasses me by telling me to call that Sylvia, District Manager, who ended up being just an Assistant, who doesn't even have voicemail, saying, "They can't do that!" They send me on a wild goose chase to all governmental orgs pertaining to jurisdiction over the Kansas City rental market since the KHRC claims to have none. Fair Housing says, "What do you think, what do you think this was, what do you think." I say, "What do YOU think." "I think it was because of your Race. And that came to me 2 or 3 times while you were talking." So now they're investigating. Kev tells the Field Supervisor taking over for him about more targeting or whatever this unfair crap is that keeps showing up in my life...but now he's getting all the dates screwed up and says the offer "has to have a shelf life." WHAT!? The next possible apartment is now in June, back at Highland Ridge, where I used to live, and where I'd been Guesting this past stint which, ironically, or symbolically?, was the last place where life had been truly right(, notably before the Recession), leading Power Yoga/Modeling/supplementing income in Indian-Pakistani Restaurant, Fashion, & then at Unity Village(, which was where I started noticing things that were starting to stink like raw sewage), pioneering hybrid technology in the community with my new, Super White Prius, living vitally BY MYSELF, not as a hostage or Prisoner of Wars, the day? after I finally evacuated Taco Bell altogether--Kind of like Dubuque, I got to watch my old, beloved apartment & building go up in flames, after I'd nodded at the fire trucks on my run after practice, wondering where a whole army of them were going with a notable stress around all their vehicles, more than usual. I found out when I got back. 7-ELEVEN pulls the offer after supposedly checking around for open Assistant-Manager-In-Training spots. I am now officially wiped off the map, again, and am the only Asian-American (actually standing up for being Asian-American--and everyone else) within a multiple state radius? I am now officially stuck, again, in No Man's Land of Dubuque/Asbury.
      I am sitting here after one of my supporters has put me into another corporate hotel--that's not full with visiting travelers and in-chaos Dubuquers alike, when it looks as if there may be violations of religious freedom and practice at the 1 last remaining Women's Shelter in town, which I started optioning as "ready and waiting," a week or so ago, and seeing was 100% better than my worst nightmare now called my adoptive family, other than a seemingly random opportunity to submit a piece for an inspired idea by one of my Schmelzer aunts, after I'd gotten back, thru one of Sam-Dad's cousins, about my memories of growing up Schmelzer. I reiterated one of the concluding points from my still-unpublished autobiography--that my experiences still say that, when fully functional and committed to by ALL therein, interracial, international adoption, in its ideal form, is not just a peek into but PROOF of the possibility of World Peace. I am horrified, however, with what I have been shown by my adoptive parents, sister, and extended family, knowing full well who I am, and given uncountable, clearly and consciously offered opportunities to change, repent, heal, and improve, choosing all forms of darkness and malice, instead, as recently as this past Thursday, when I arrived here on my usual magic carpet: Grace and other awake nodes, sometimes states away. Example: 1, 2? days after finding out about Weston Point, then 7-ELEVEN, Sam and Sarah look at each other and scream at me, "You need to leave here, then, and by 2 weeks from now, or we'll call the Sheriff to come and evict you!" "WHAT!??" Then, I reminded myself that in Wonderland, every day is opposite day. I watch on the News as Murderers have mothers and/or fathers, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles sitting by them, supporting them, hugging them, standing up for them to the press. It has brought me great peace to, the other day, have it completely dawn on me, as if being whispered to in etheric comfort, in a moment of silence, from a Protector on the Other Side, "You have done everything right...nothing wrong...and they persecute you still."
      It's time for a Revolution on this planet, starting from within. Starting from this country. Everyone get willing to be the United States of America, from the inside, that made you, or your ancestors, want to come here. This is not a place to come to GET Freedom. You come here to rise to the occasion of BEING Freedom. And that is the mark of a Leader. If you are here, you are either from people or are the person who resonated with the idea of Freedom as your birthright and were leader enough to do something about it. Thus, the very definition of being a United States of American (We were taught the term "American" was politically incorrect. I find it ironic that it's now running rampant as if anyone in the Americas isn't an "American"), or citizen of this country, then, is to admit to being a leader amongst other leaders. And leaders know how to fall into right and accurate rank. How to learn and follow directives when that rank is properly ordered. How to do what is best for all people, rather than be ruled by selfish motivation. They are people, ultimately, who love other people, even above themselves, and would wish nothing more than for Justice to be with each and every one. You are not here to rape this land, its man-made reality, or anything under the sun. You are here to find the Truth of the All of Life and to share it. Truth and realization is the Gold--and the keys to unlocking Freedom for others. Find Freedom within, and share it. It is Light. It is unyielding honesty. Integrity. Strength which stands for your people and the places you come from, that looks to preserve itself in order to share and continue to be of benefit to all people. It looks to learn from others in this tremendous opportunity we all have to become better individuals, from the inside out, or not. When we replace our lust for capital with Love and love of virtue, instead, we will be heading in the right direction. And together.
      May the greatest powers in the universe be with you as you do. May this begin to define how women and men, both, are beautiful, and how men and women, both, are powerful. WE ARE GREATER THAN THIS. WE ARE THE COMPOSITION OF GOD.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Returning Divinity To This Planet

      One of the first things is being able to recognize it.
      Besides Bruce Lee, from where I sit in the human spectrum, I think Muhammad Ali when I think of inside-out Beauty in motion on this planet. True spiritual teachers who didn't eat their Wheaties. They WERE the Wheaties for all people, proving that true Masters speak in tongues just by getting up in the morning. I hope all my practitioners out there, and those who are currently not, learn from the power he commanded via his inability to act against his conscience and his magnitude to not only stand up and defend his Race but to elect a spiritual path that required that he bear the additional burden of being a religious minority, as well. Acknowledgement to the soul of Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr., who later became Muhammad Ali. The ring was just a metaphor.

      While up in Shakopee a couple summers ago, I was speaking with a woman who was running a cool apparel tent before the dancing started, and two Native women joined in. She was asking me about my journey, and I mentioned being from Iowa and that Native presence there has always seemed repressed, though I talked about visiting the Mounds with my family, as a little girl. Perhaps it was irony that my hair was probably in braids, and I remember a Tour Guide wanting to hold my hand and bring me up to the front as she led the Tour--at least on one occasion. There was a Native American meeting nearby in Wisconsin, open to the public, in recent years, but I never made it up there. Yet. I said that I liked Minnesota because the tribes seemed more free to be and exist as they should. And the two Native women chimed in that they, too, were from Iowa & just had their pow-wow, with a tinge of hurt and encouragement as they said so. They represented the Meskwaki Nation. I remarked, "Oh" and I knew and no one lets the rest of the state know about these things, especially over in Eastern Iowa. You'd think, where we are, Native Americans no longer exist. They walked away in thought after I said they should definitely let more people know.
      A few days ago, after Memorial Day, I have to say I saw the 1st television ad, ever, about the Meskwaki Nation Pow-Wow in August, and on KWWL (NBC affiliate), right after a special tribute ad to the Meskwaki Code Talkers who served during WWII. I still don't know what's more sorrowful--the irony of their service or the caveman-ness of war, in general, since we're here in 2016 and, where it may apply, you all still don't know how to do the right things, as a matter of everyday business, rather than invade, violate, and tear through the sacredness of Source God in a body, as if the gravity of that choice is anything less.
      I want everyone genuinely more happy again. That is how we will know we are doing much better and are much better, both.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Point Blank: On The Effects Of Law Enforcement, Law, & The General Public Condoning Criminality &/Or Atrociousness

      Sometimes, when there have finally been "breakthroughs," due to relentless pursuit of excellence in the world outside of yourself, that started from within, it's good to not move ahead but go deeper into situations requiring it. As any yogi would.
      I did not share this E-Update here, due to its explicit nature, but I will now because of the sheer amounts of people, and Asian/-American women, specifically, who have been brutalized and sexualized, raped, and worse, at the hands of men of the majority demographic here and violent, bad men, in general, who just have it in them to do, to spread that rape, for example, has no cliched way about it, other than it's forced when you had no intention, before, during, or after. It is for every one of us to decide how to use our Goddess Power after that happens because, likely, there's no preparing for it. Like me, you may have thought that, perhaps, you were far too astute &/or Protected by larger forces for anything like it to happen, period.
      With a world going mad, however, from hurts unrepented for and self-mastery NOT owned by individuals everywhere, and the deterioration of the family structure as sacred to all things healthy, immaculate, and on the up & up, I want to tell you to "just say no" to any male who gives you any kind of weird feeling, if you can help it. As you can see, I was literally floating at sea without a rope from anyone--except my attacker. There is no reason that this should've happened to someone of my Purpose in the United States, in the Midwest, in 2016.
      As of the publishing of this piece, though it is now almost a year & a half old, the (East) St. Paul Police have staunchly done nothing about the "helper" I named here and in my original detailing of the situation, citing that I "didn't go to a hospital" and "had a consensual sexual relationship afterward" with my attacker, which is as demonic as the act itself. No one has a right to tell you how to fall apart, even if for a moment. Everyone dies differently.
      I was actually advised that it might be more advantageous to getting him locked up if I'd have chosen to "lose it" by doing what everyone else does, which is likely do something highly unadvisable to him under all forms of Spiritual Law. In the situation, I think the other form had already become a joke, after Dubuque and Red Wing. I thanked my advisor and simply said I'd remember that.
      Hopefully, as both the young, female Investigator here, and the also-young, female Riverview Center Advocate were, it will become clear thru your reading exactly what happened to me on this leg of my Minnesota Male Predator Tour(, though all the wonderful people I met up there must not be dismissed), how things unfolded, and, remarkably (in a bad way), that this is further proof of the low-I.Q. thing people and, outrageously, authorities do to "victimize the victim," especially if the assailant has ties to Law Enforcement, as is the case here in the person with a serial problem (His father).
      My wonder is how many of the representatives of the Sex Crimes unit in Minnesota's lead city have, also, made it their "thing" to prey on, perhaps, the Hmong or Korean-American adoptee community females up there, in plentiful amounts, and call it nothing. At least that would explain their completely dismissing powerful, courageous, and corroborating leads since, as we know, even the most badly attacked oftentimes are so whacked by what's just happened they would rather die inside than let anyone know about it, especially if they're afraid of the guy.
      And so, I have no choice but to simply wish all of their daughters, mothers, aunts, girlfriends, and spouses, 100% RAPED. Since it's no big deal, and they clearly don't get it. One way to find out...

-----Original Message-----
From: EternalLove47
To: *The Love Yoga: The Movement In-Transition E-Update List/Everyone At The Time*
Sent: Tue, Dec 2, 2014 2:49 am
Subject: ***Final Words From Amy Jin--Amy Jin & Love Yoga: The Movement, M/12.1.2014***

On Being Amy Jin Schmelzer, Authentically, In The United States Of America: Final Words Of Parting
***Image of the Reading Cherub, With Its Head & Wing Sitting Next To It***
The Gift From The Congregation Leader At The Unity Church Of Overland Park Who Followed My Spiritual Teaching In Kansas City Previously E-Updated About & Written About On The Love Yoga: The Movement Website

      Some of you were aware during my evacuation of my former practitioner's scary one-bedroom apartment, from which I thought I would be beginning my first Power Yoga/spiritual school, that when I was finally reunited with all of my stolen belongings, the family heirloom I'd been given by a special follower of my work in Kansas City turned up as the first destroyed possession, literally within a day or two of Journalist James Foley?'s beheading, missing its head (The wing busted off during a mysterious tip of the same tote after I'd been relegated to the basement here)--a child angel its giver always said reminded her of me, & that it was a treasure in her family, and she wanted me to have it--She knew I'd take good care of it.
      Even more bizarre was that it didn't appear ripped or broken off by a chaotic, runaway maniac, as was the path it traveled the night Brett took off with half of my stuff with (My Norweigan & German-American, former 1st Responder superhero) & I chasing after him thru the streets of Red Wing, but that it seemed to be popped off on purpose & perfectly placed at the feet of its body, with nothing else in the clear Rubbermaid container disturbed. As also previously mentioned, the apartment, here in Dubuque, landlord'd by Julie Lott & her father, Bob Mueller, saw a similar scene--We'll call both coincidence--where my trashed apartment with stolen/missing stuff, including one of my 1st pieces of gold jewelry from the people who used to be my parents, also saw the only room that went virtually untouched--my bedroom (other than the stolen bracelet that was laying on top of socks & lingerie in an open duffle bag in there)--receive a...head. A random Barbie doll head with no body laid perfectly just beyond the threshhold of my bedroom, when I returned to complete my move-out, after the door had been left wide open by the landlord/thief Kanndo/fix-it guys.

      This morning, a perfectly fine morning after a difficult past month being back in Dubuque and at Buffalo Wild Wings, dealing with & actually overturning?!! more bullying, bullshit stuff there, after literally just feeling like I couldn't do it anymore--life, that is--but somehow doing it, trying to get the St.Paul Police Department to do something with the rape report I filed upon my return, with the prompt help of Investigator Kate Avenarius, my friends in the Community-Oriented Police, who, as you may remember, also helped me to deal with being alive and bringing my landlord situation last & in the very beginning of this year, to an end, and an advocate from the Riverview Center, still lifting the Unemployment corruption with Kwik Stop and The Dubuque Community YM/YWCA/the System itself into District Court Review, now working with the Attorney General's Office of The State of Minnesota to get the racist old woman at Jule's Cleaners, JoAnn Carlson, who destroyed my yoga pants to own up, waiting on Judge Noel, also at Dubuque District Court, to DECIDE the Oct.17th case I returned here for from St.Paul, to bring Lott and Mueller to Justice, which has been overdue since Halloween, according to his own words on when he would send his Decision out...Anyway, similar to discovering my mail had been thrown out by Sarah-Mom and Sam-Dad & then having my only Marketing interview on the bleak landscape of nothingness destroyed by them, throwing me, like possessed demons, into Safe Strides Women's Shelter for getting upset about it, saying I said I'd burn down the house, which I didn't, but it worked for them to say I did, which I had to help bring down & shutter (Happy to assist), this morning, like I said, a fine day off from the restaurant after 6 days on, where Sam came & sat down with ME at the breakfast counter discussing life & the few details of my staying here that needed minor recognition to be pretty fine & dandy otherwise, turned into Sarah coming home again from somewhere, my getting up, at some point, & stating I'd like to buy the paper products for both bathrooms I use--WRONG thing to say!!! It was one lie, contradiction, & violent bullshit boulder thrown at me after another. It's not MY bathroom (even though she calls it that all the time, & even though, in my mind, it only used to be when it still felt like a place that was pure, before I was brutally attacked here on a daily basis). Etc. Etc. All of a sudden, my having my period is DISGUSTING--No one wants to look at my BLOODY TAMPONS. She needs it to be ready for guests, so I shouldn't even use the garbage or put anything on the counter. I'm starting to float away as I'm being told that I can only change my tampons in the BASEMENT (This is being yelled in the house, out loud, in front of everyone--again, because I'd offered to buy the tissues & the toilet paper). She can tell I'm trying to "weasel" into their house again when I come up & "hang out," like the destitute, worthless piece of Asian-American shit I am (not the bullied-out Executive--or "Ghandi" or "Jesus Christ"--especially because of them), in the morning and have COFFEE (even though she offers it & sometimes straight gives it to me). Tag team--I have no respect for them. I need to stay in the cage--I mean the basement!!! They were screaming & raging to the point where it was clear Sam was going to--What, Sam? Get up out of his chair & kill me? So I told them that's it's over. When she wasn't making faces at me (again), like the dumb, ugly, outcast kid on the playground, she responded, "Oh yeah--That's what you always say!"
      So today, I mean it. I'm looking into going to Seoul to finally find out who my "real" family is in June, however, now the original extension of hope about there being a way to fund the part we have to cover (This is a "scholarship"/V.I.P. thang), which is the airfare, now there's not. Or something. I'm thinking maybe then I can make connections to go & not come back. Since, as of today, I'm no longer the daughter of Sam & Sarah Schmelzer & will be really clear to everyone about that. I will not be participating in their family events. Aunts & cousins on this list, they were told to contact you and the person who used be my only sister, but I'm quite sure they didn't, to let you know. For your information, I'm happy to continue a relationship with you but with you as you, me as me. Please disseminate this information. Because I will be going by "Amy Jin." And Schmelzer--until I gain stellar representation or have the knowledge necessary to end this--likely in court--once and for all. Potentially find a new family??? LOL--W. T. F. I will, at that time, likely move my Middle Name to my First Name field legally and possibly choose a new Surname, if at all. And hold them accountable for devastating the part of my journey that they have, which is the root core of the worst times of my life on the planet.
      My hope is to continue to spread my Messages, tell my story to as many people as possible who may be instrumental in bringing the insanity I have seen, been tortured by, and held back by to a permanent end and so that it may empower people to grow strong in ending it within themselves and where it externally harms their own lives.
      Sam and Sarah will now be simply that. They tell me people continue to wonder "why I haven't left yet" and insinuate that there are still piece-of-shit cretins out there who would DARE utter a thing about me now, after everything this life has shown me, in the face of what I have given it--and I'm quite sure they're Roman Catholic hypocrites (from my upbringing?) or people without a God, other than their own insufficient egos, maybe who used to be the "friends and neighbors" that raised me, who are as ignorant and whole-heartedly racist as Adolf Hitler himself, but not a fraction as intelligent or charismatic. And I'm dead serious when I say that, after today, you can see me outside. I'm over teaching or telling or sharing anything, other than what Source God dictates & how, as minimally as possible where it doesn't overwhelmingly prosper me. I will not hesitate to physically or otherwise defend myself, my Mission, and the only pure people I know who are left or who exist, as always, now more than ever without hesitation. I HATE all of you out there who are split, fake, talk smack behind my back, SPAM instead of respond back to not receive these e-mails, or who have run, like fucking pussies, to the wretched pieces of shit now running "yoga studios" in this town--or any other I've lived in, who are feeding your egos and faking their power by stealing from the few rare of us who are actually Pure and Real. I will KILL you if you attempt to further destroy my life, thru the most powerful Gifts vested in me, as a direct descendent of the Light. You do not deserve to live. Your Darkness is already coming to eat you alive, if it's not already.
      Similarly, this E-Update List also dies tonite. My concerns have officially joined yours, but at my level, which is to focus primarily, & only, really, on one thing, which is my own health, due, including financial, & self-preservation. I am quite positive the real, non-Extended Family version is going, as well, but I haven't deleted it quite yet. If it does re-emerge, it will be when there are people who are all-around amazing enough to learn from what it is I do and represent and WHO CAN BE TRUSTED AND CAN STAY THE COURSE. One Doubting Thomas killed Jesus. I've had dozens.
      And I'm still here.

      Now, on to the rape. I promised I would say something about that, & it's not going to be as flowy poetic as the way I was going to say it, simply because I don't know that anyone out there's worth that time or talent spent. So I'll say--irony: I was going to put something up on the website during the John Miller (who's stalking--I mean "following" as we speak, on Google) to Brett Albarado (who's only 1/4 Mexican, by the way, depending on which day you talk to him--in case there was even a QUESTION about Race in this situation. I'm more Latina--by other people's kudos--than he is Hispanic. He, in fact, hated his own ancestry until I got a hold of him, after which he not only went to Mexico but started to engage more with other Hispanics without making crap out of his own people, looks like mostly because of my influence. His dad, who's the 1/2 Mexican aspect of Brett's bloodline, was obsessed with meeting me while I was in Red Wing--Never happened. Oddly, I think it bugged Brett that during the 1st phone conversation his dad finally was able to have with me, by his request, he told me about his ancestry, his experience with racial discrimination, cheered me on, told me he thought I was an outstanding person, from what he sensed, & that he totally understood what I've been thru--things he'd never even told his son. He was currently being racially bullied, at 70something? at the Christian camp where he was working in Maintenance, also, on a regular basis) to Grant LaRock's house(-)trek to evacuate Dubuque/Sam & Sarah which said, "Ladies, you don't owe them ANYTHING!!!"--which meant simply that.
      It never got put up, due to the phone/Internet-less trap of Mr.Albarado's residence, and the subsequent fight for my life in Minnesota.
      Then, all those conversations about the room he had for rent where, really, the only exposed weird thing Grant asked me during all the questions about what he sensed was happening to me "down there (meaning Red Wing)"/in general was "Are you tall?" It struck me as weird, but I said, "Yeah...Why." It wasn't a question. He straightened up right away. He revealed he had a Latina, now an Asian, fetish after we'd started talking nightly when I told him I needed to find a safe place to go from David Culver's house in Bay City (after evacuating Brett's eviction & subsequent taking & destruction of my things, stranding me in a foreign state--Need I say "WITHOUT A YOGA SHALA?!!!"), when things got instantly creepy there, as well, & even Grant was getting upset about it all the way up in St.Paul, "Is that guy trying to get in your business & even keep you from getting your phone calls?!!!?" (There was also conversation about, "You don't have 'friends' or a family that cares about any of this???"--& not just by Grant--for years now). It didn't matter. He may have told me on the way up to his looks-like-Brett's-but-a-house, maybe as he was trying not to panic when he noticed there was a cop following him hard, as we were leaving Red Wing, which struck me as strange, especially knowing his dad was a former one. Did this guy steal something recently? Something else? I was just happy to get the hell out of Red Wing/Bay City & the local law enforcement that looked happy to participate & tell me Brett was my boyfriend--not realizing I'd already thrown up my feet the 1st time they insinuated it, not actually SAID it. While they were bullying me, trying to fuck me up mentally. Would've worked if I couldn't see their souls marching straight to hell since those involved dared to look directly into my eyes when they were doing/saying it.
      The "spare room"--Another room which, legally, wasn't even a room since it really didn't have a real window--or something--that I arrived at at the butt crack of dawn, like I told him I didn't WANT to arrive at at his vampire hours was full of crap. He'd just lost another job but didn't bother moving stuff out of it & seemed kind of, like, perturbed but then impressed & surrendered to the laser beamness with which I cleared, cleaned, then moved myself into it, demanding a sheet for a door. "Why do you need a door?" "BeCAUSE."
      Invitations to sleep with him were then not even invitations but "like DUH's" that I just shook my head at as I set up my monk's cave. "There's a bed in here. It's the only place to watch TV..."
      The guy was doing something that evoked the amazement & honor out of me that some of you do--or did--my practitioners & other genuinely good people. He was helping to save my life. And keep me from returning to every other place that had tried to smote me out previously, including Dubuque/Iowa/whereverland. So when he kept trying to playfully make moves on me in passing in his house or made comments about whatever--body, looks, sexiness, blahblahblah...I'd toss him the football back in terms of diverting the energy but keeping it cool between us, making it clear I loved my Path, & that's why I was there, & that I wasn't really attracted to him that way.
      Was it one of the 1st nights I was there? I took a break & trusted him to watch the News, which I missed from home, in his "living room" bedroom, conveniently, where he kept the only TV set up, even though there was another one in the living room where I did my practice every day (not set up or welcome 2 be). It was either that night or the night of the rape exactly a week later, since it was premeditated, on September 19th, my former sister's birthday & Wedding Anniversary both (more sick irony) that he asked if I wanted to help him polish off a bottle of Merlot? that he was trying to get rid of. (Kate,) it was that night. Pretty sure now. I was very quietly aware of all the possibilities in his asking & in terms of implications. It was late, I was in crisis, he was heavily attracted to me, I was already fending off physical unwanted advances during the day...but he was acting hands-off now, & the mood felt light & friendly & adult & almost professional. He made a comment about how I "looked nice" & always looked classy, dressed up--how he didn't. I told him I didn't really drink, but since he was a Bartender who was tied into some pretty awesome places in the Twin Cities, & he may be instrumental in even helping me secure income in Food/Beverage, I was like, "All right--I'll try a glass to see what it's like--What kind is it?" Friendly conversation over the state of the world turned, after I'd put my glass down, into his picking me up like a child, & throwing me back (No: 'on') onto his bed. I thought it was kind of funny. I saw him as being like my older brother, which I'd thought for a long time now would've been nice to have, since he was 5 years(?) older than I was, who kind of looked like Adam Levine when he didn't look like a really, really bad version of himself, most days. He started telling me about how hot I was, what he wanted to do to me, tried kissing me, taking articles of clothes off. I kept putting them back on & tried to figure out if it was a situation worth totally excusing myself from or just a wrestling match that would end up with both of us laughing & becoming best friends.
      He ended up doing a number of things to me that I was half into but that he was working, with every intent, to break down my resistances on. I could tell that if I was going to stay there, and this sudden redirection of intention (Original: roommates, friends who could help each other, finally same generation, help ea. other find work--Now: ???) was going to persist, I was going to have to figure out what to do--and before Fall turned to Winter. That awareness was already there upon arrival. I realized I was still in "danger." I said something like, "All right. I can tell what you want...and let's do that once. And then, that's it. You keep your promise, help me get my life back, help me get my Movement up & running, like you said you wanted to, & I'll let you have what you want. Once. And after that, we will not be physically involved whatsoever, ever again. Just rolldogs or just cool. That's all." A look of dread spread over his face, "WHaaaAAT??? NO WAY! I wouldn't just want to do that with you once. There's no way." Exact answer I knew would come out of him. "O-kay, then, so then this is it. That's it. Done deal."
      When physical advances became more annoying & hardcore around his house, I started not even stopping in to peek at the News, every so often, & made sure to retreat to my now-forted room relatively early, despite constant invitations made purposefully innocent to watch "Jimmy Fallon" or whatever--a movie.
      The night I gave him the previously mentioned ultimatum, he kept talking about, "I don't want to rush into this with you--" "What's 'this?'" I kept asking. He just proceeded to talk out loud, as if I wasn't there, "In one week. I'm going to--(whatever he said indicating sexual intercourse)." I was like, "Uh, I don't think so. No."
      He's learning more about me, my practice, is somewhat honoring of it, has a great hardwood floor. He's a total asshole in so many ways that most, if not all, guys AND people in my life have not been--much less in regard to "helping" someone in my situation. Whatever. He's not anything to me other than someone who's at least allowed me to stay in Minnesota & try & find work. I minded my own business. Watched as his life got better around me, mainly because I was helping that along in both presence and active assistance.
      And so was mine in that I found (almost) full-time work, as he foretold, before he did (& never did).
      On Friday night, I may have procured the job at SAKANA Sushi & Asian Bistro (I had to kind of do that behind his back) by then, I was in my own zone, doing whatever in my room. When he came back from the 1 or 2 shifts he finally started securing with D'Amico Catering, or wherever he'd been, it vaguely crossed my mind that the night was the night he'd said he was going to whatever with me. I heard him shower, run around lighting candles. I kind of smiled & rolled my eyes, almost from a cloud, looking down on him. Thru my fort door, he was like, "Hey, you should--(whatever was on TV, or whatever he was trying to get me to do in his room)." I probably responded I was good but ended up going in there to see whatever he was talking about later, feeling safe enough, at the time, to sit on the end of his bed to do so since he was still running around between the bathroom & his room & whatever--the kitchen--doing whatever.
      AND, as out of the blue as the 1st thing had been, I was grabbed & pushed/thrown back on his bed, but this time, the tone was different. He took off his robe, which revealed he only had on boxers. His nipples were pierced. He had tattoos. Of the marathons he had run. His daughter's name. I was like, "What the @$#%@#%?!!!" I'm trying to read tattoos & understand who this fella was, while grabbing onto the back of my bra, while saying, "HEY!"--at first, kind of just frustrated, but then on the verge of angry. It turned into an athletic wrestling match similar to the 1st night but more intense. I could see in his eyes that I wasn't even there, to him. My body was. And he was on a Mission that I didn't want to be a part of.
      This is kind of stupid--how it happened. Which is that my back was pushed against a wall when, with forearms & elbows & pinning me, then tossing me when I'd change position to try & pull something back on or reach for something else, I thought I found an escape route, which I was definitely starting to decide I needed to start looking for. I didn't think he would try to force himself on me, but he'd already stuck his hands & his fingers everywhere possible to literally make it impossible for me to leave, & when I realized it would be violence to not absorb or surrender to it to some extent (meaning there would be blood when there didn't need to be), my body actually responded to his strong desire to make me enjoy what he was doing so I'd want more of it. He was laying on his back between me & the door & had just tossed the skirt--or my top--across the room, towards wall with the door into the hallway on it. So I headed quickly after it, attempting to crawl over him, assuming he'd just let me go when he could clearly see that I didn't want to be participating at all. Instead, as I attempted to cross over him, he took my hips, kind of pulling them more directly over his & me more directly over him, & BOOM! He pulled me down onto him in a direct hit, and I was like, "NO #$@#$%ing WAY." He's just forced me down onto him in what was maybe several thrusts. He ejaculates. No condom. Wrecking my perfect, clean sex, one way or another, record, and by choice, when it occured. David Culver & his friends had simply called me abstinent. I'd been assaulted, or come at far too aggressively, both, in recent years, but this?!
      I'll cut to the chase. I laid back. He could see the disbelief on my face. And then, get this, he goes, "Oh, I'm not finished with you yet! You're SO hot...I'll be right back!" Something like that. I stared at the ceiling, "I just got raped."
      Swimming in a sea of energy, building building building. Did not have emotions but required decision. I wanted to die. I gave up on everything then. I was too high to even judge him. Just remembered feeling he was a sick, sick, heartless, LOW being who did not know, would never know Love. And I did. And always had. I shouldn't have told him in some of our earlier conversations I could make myself climax with the power of my mind, alone, using no thought and without physical stimulation. I meant to indicate I didn't need him--or even sex--because I had transcended both. Instead, perhaps, it enticed him to rape me & tap into that. Literally. I was just trying to teach him that there are greater powers in the world, & within our vehicles, than what he currently understood.
      I decided if I was going to die, I would go out Loving. So when he came back, I participated--kind of--because I wanted to say, in my mind, that I was choosing to get something good out of it, which was to use touch and that kind of interaction in a way which came from purity, Source Love, and the fire of a woman at choice.
      And it continued to build, until maybe the next day--or the next time it occurred, relatively soon.
      And so I f**ked his brains out, basically.
      And, then, he was the one laying there, on his back, not saying anything. Until his next-door neighbor, Khan, came by, wanting to kill him (and rightfully so) again, for doing criminal trespass creative landscaping on his and the other next-door neighbors' yards, in the dark, at night, and they figured out it was him, and he'd been hiding from them ever since, which I'd already helped diffuse when I first got there (They were all African-American, & it was openly discussed there was racial tension in what had happened). So I got up, ran my fingers thru my hair, & went to the door, "Hi, Khan--What's up?" He was freaking. I said I was on his side & to not worry--Grant had already conceded what he'd done was wrong. He has a MAJOR issue with boundaries, though, I said, & I would encourage him to talk to him (Khan) directly about what had happened.
      I went back & plopped down next to Grant, who was still staring at the ceiling. The mood was completely different. He was all about neurotic obsessing about the neighbor situation.
      I was in danger.
      Upon danger.
      Upon danger.
      And had finally escaped, my body still unscathed. To his house.
      And he used being younger & barely better looking than all the others to rape me.
      So I said this, "Now, I'm going to say what needs to be said, and things are going to be very different."
      "We're here right now because YOU. RAPED. ME."
      My voice got louder, and decision to love, with my heart screaming bloody murder turned to booming anger, "What needs to happen is you need to speak to someone about why you're an Asian female predator. I don't know who or how many people--I hope to God there are none or not many--you've done this sort of thing to before. And look at why someone who could, potentially, have a lot to give in terms of everything from looks to intellectual capability to simply being a good person, would need to get laid by forcing himself on someone." After I finished my Lesson for the day, I admonished him from touching another woman of my Race ever again, got up, & said, "You're never going to touch me again." It might've been directly after--or within 24 hours--that I strongly encouraged him to crunch some numbers and let me know what he might want me to contribute monetarily to being there to keep everything crystal clear.
      It's clear he didn't do that--and because the unspoken thing on the tip of his tongue he kept not saying eventually also disappeared, which was, couldn't he continue to destroy everything that was sacred, rather than charge me Rent?
      That's when the Thai girl he'd been talking to online showed up--He wasn't going to "do anything with her" (but she would be sleeping with him in the same bed I'd just told him he'd raped me in a day or so before)--out a nanny job, needing a place to stay, also now illegal, despite my now physical screams of bloody murder that that NOT OCCUR. U all know how that went down. At least my e- pushed her out after 2 days, instead of several.
      Ladies, if they want you, and you don't want them, even with your conviction alone, no matter what your body, or even your head says, & they take it, that's. Called. RAPE.
      The one thing the Owner of SAKANA S & AB did (who was maybe 26?, give or take a couple years?), when everyone there found out about what'd happened, & they were trying to see about my moving into the "SAKANA house" because of it, when I told him about how I'd handled it, was he just looked me in the eyes with gentle strength & said, "Yes--Just see it as a one night stand." Then he truly comforted me with the silence that followed...when we were both present to the knowing that nothing in the world could make it that, even if we both wanted it to be.
      Just like all those jobs & places I've been attacked or discriminated out of. Including the only family I have ever known.
      And, because of that, everyone, that's all she wrote.

Amy Jin

A Physical Example Of The Current Level Of Yoga In The United States Of America
***Images of the Stalker Candles in Brett Albarado's Apartment That Were of Both Voodoo(, Not Power Yoga) & Obsessed Fan Nature--With My Name "+," Unfortunately, His On Them. Ironically, Just Like The Red Wing Bluff I'd Asked About, Coming Into Town***
On Finding These While Brushing My Teeth At Brett Albarado's House, While I Was There To, From What I Was Told, Open Up My First Spiritual/Power Yoga Shala: The Only Thing Worse Than The Feeling Of Being Forced To Run For Your Life Is Discovering That The Safe Place You Find, After U Have No More Energy Left To Run, Is Actually A Trap
Amy Jin Schmelzer
"Every soul comes to give something to a generation, and every generation has a soul purpose. What have U come to show? What will the legacy of your generation be?"
***Headshot Image of Me Standing in the Kitchen in Asbury***

Note: Though questionable at the outset, with definite signs of concern noticed by me within their ranks, since, as alluded to or mentioned in past writings or details on this website, I want to mention that my trust in and friendship with Captain Kevin Klein and his connections within the Force helped me to connect with St.Paul and Law Enforcement there to file the report, once I had reached some kind of safety back in Dubuque, at the time. I felt that their help, as well as the involvement of Investigator Avenarius and the Riverview Center, was efficient and lacking in superfluousness. There are other officers and 1st Responders, also, though less common, whom I have met on this journey who have also impressed me in various attributes valuable to Love Yoga: The Movement and my personal standards of excellence. For the professional love, witness, and wisdom they have shown, beyond the cliched ideas of what makes, e.g., "a good cop," gratitude & eternal protection. May you find a way to teach & spread your amazingness.

Prasarita Padottanasana - (Spread-Legged Forward Fold Position)

Prasarita Padottanasana - (Spread-Legged Forward Fold Position)
The Shell-Toed, Park Bench Ad-Lib


Sometimes u got me feelin' like feelin' like I's high as high as a kite. Sometimes I's feelin' like sticky licky fingers in a can o' peanut butter and u gotta know better than this.

To take advantage of me's a tryst. U's usin' me 4 her. Her *****, her calm. It's the smile in my demeanor. I got u figured out.

I can't begin to tell u how to move, how to make it betta. Her personality's vexing--sure 'nuff is--& I think it's time u made her your world, or for once,
u gonna get kicked to the curb.

Now's the time for feelin' good. How 'bout u say what u feel(in').

I want you. That's what the point is. As piercing as it might be, you can feel it in your heart, can't u, Boo? Pretty ain't as pretty when it's covered in the aftershocks of your hos/fire and ice. In your head. Your jones for her, instead. Your moans. Emotions can't be played with when they's locked up in your head.

Here's the big picture: U want her, go get her. Feel me? Have no fear, & do it. Go get her. Be a prisoner no more. I tell u, it ain't worth fear. The shark underwater. The fierce pirate's been stealin' your loot, & it's u. Why u bein' severe about it? Pressure-free. Feel u? Feel me?


How can u say it ain't a peace thang. Your life's been tied down to nothing-ness since the day u met her. U don't sweat her. There. There's the matrimony. Dutifully. Please believe. In yourself. For once. Go and get her.

A-men. There's the prayer part of you. Puttin' it out there slow enough for truth-tellers to command something new. U think, like a messenger, it ain't ancient teachings I was sent to you? Put u in your new place, space for makin' a blazing choice. A "hi" "how u doin'" half a million dollar smile might work nice.

Best be spendin' those pennies. I like to see you spendin'. Prisoner no more, we've done better, I'm sure. At least u got to steppin' those feet in the right direction. And can't any diversion keep those feet from crossin' the threshhold to the new me, the new u.

Free at last. Free at last.

Thank Goddess & Buddha I'm libertad'd from u. You hunk a' monkey bread. Junkin' me up instead of practicin' what u got. It's sweet love. Sweetness and freedom that's been sent from above. Dios. Thank Dios. Apprecios mi pretty prose so at last I can feel my emptiness.

You got it. A prophet.

A harnesser.

A tryst.

It's over. Be at peace now.

We's complete.

U'r on your path.

And I worship you no more. Nirvana.

Me. So free. I'm back in paradise.

-Amy Jin
(This piece was written as an expression of both understanding other women's perspectives & offering them a higher option.)

Word Up.

Word Up.

11.7.2016: Let's Play, "Where Are They Now?!!!" Since So Many Of U've Asked...The Shade, The Shade.

11.7.2016: Let's Play, "Where Are They Now?!!!" Since So Many Of U've Asked...The Shade, The Shade.
Jesse. Boo. Strohzel-meyer. #4 Because I Wonder Why, Y'All! + Members Of The Original "Awake" Tribe... + Others...:


John Chambers & Erin (Donnel) Chambers (Best Friend & Roommate/Teammate At DePaul Univ. Until She Transferred) Who Were Like, "NOOOOO WAY!" When I Called They Would Date & Marry. Then, Jesse & I Were In The Wedding. Carroll, IA, What's Up. We're Supposed To Be Running An Enlightened State Together By Now...But You're Still Hanging Back Over In Illinois Like You Don't Want Grassley's Wind Turbines.




My "Soulmate," Best Friend 4 Eternity, Angie (Johanningmeier) White...& Her Main Dude, Eric White. Word Up, Wahlert Volleyball Empire & UMKC Volleyball & Soccer. And, Eric, I Never Did Become A Porn Star, Like You Said. Nice Try, Though...And, As I Write This, I'm Remembering, Back In The Day, Fanning Ourselves & Pounding It Over Wind In His Hair In "Dances With Wolves" In Jim Killoran's AP English Or Lit. Or What Have You, & It Occurs To Me Now, You Actually Married One...And, You Know, That's What's Up, Bottom Line, So I Hope You're Happy--Because I Think We'll Both Agree That Any Of The Real Warrior-Shaman-Chiefs I Would've Likely Vibrated Along The Lines Of Probably Died 100's Of Years Ago.


Joon (Jason) Baick, Josh(ua) Song (Not Pictured) & My L.A. Koreatown Homies...Because If I Come Back & Regain My Korean Strength, I Can Only Be A Sexual Object Or Marry 1 Of You...?! Congratulations, Maryland Korean, on Microsoft & That Which You So Desired.


Image Courtesy Of AOL Image Bank

The Not-Lost Souls: The Practitioners Of Love Yoga: The Movement

Teacher's Pets From The Journey: 2005 To Present--(Location In Parens Is Where They Powered Up The Power Yoga)


(Just so you know--)Sarah Ann (Tauke) Schmelzer (Dubuque, Iowa, the woman who used to be my mother every day, even when she didn't feel like being it)


Jason DeGraff (Kansas City, Missouri)--S/August 20th,2016: Our Piano Bar G-Eazy Ashtangi? LOL


Alex Pryor (Center) (Kansas City, Missouri)


Quan Tracy Cherry (L) & Cliff Mackey (R) (Kansas City, Missouri)


Boyna Bear (Kansas City, Missouri)


Osage, Creek, Choctaw, and German


Sara Brown (Kansas City, Missouri)


Kamille (& Pearson) Konold (Kansas City, Missouri)


Lindsay Bruno (Kansas City, Missouri)


Hilary Bailey (Kansas City, Missouri)


John Mueller (Kansas City, Missouri, when in town performing from Los Angeles, California)


Katie Garcia (Overland Park, Kansas)


Todd Morgan (Overland Park, Kansas)


Darrin Allen (Kansas City, Missouri)




Frank Bonacci (Chicago [Schiller Park], Illinois)






Talya (& Dean) Yahav (Dubuque, Iowa, now back home in Israel!)


Heather Kemp (Dubuque, Iowa)


(She really is part Cherokee, tho').


Kelli Edwards (Peosta, Iowa)




Zakh Ward (Z.W.) (Dubuque, Iowa)






(The NorWEEEEEEI-gan In) The Wartburg College Black Student Union (Pre-2010)!


(My Cousin,) Andy Tauke (Dubuqueland, Iowa, when in town visiting from Burbank, California)...and my kid sister, Angie(/Angela) (Schmelzer) Steffen (Dubuque, Iowa City, Waterloo, or Cedar Falls, IA, at the time?), who randomly broke out into asana when she came to Maya Yoga to do a photo shoot one time. I kind of didn't know what to think about that, but she followed in my footsteps, including to Holistic Healing school, before becoming a Pharm.D., due to parental controls. How could she not, I suppose?



The One True Mirror Is The Depth & Truth Within.

When I Left Everything I Knew, I Did What I Knew I Needed 2 Do--I Purified (Asana, Pranayama, Tapas), Knew & Further Studied Myself (Svadhyaya), & Surrendered My Being & Existence To Source (Ishvara Pranidhana--My Favorite). I Was Brought To Ashtanga, To Yoga, To See That What I Had Identified As Being Responsible For Inner-To-External Freedom Was Not Only Teachable But An Ancient, All-Encompassing Wisdom Tradition. I Said To Source, "I'm In."

Discovering The PC Cam: (11.7.2016: From Being Held Hostage & Trafficked? By 1 Of My Backers?!!)

Discovering The PC Cam: (11.7.2016: From Being Held Hostage & Trafficked? By 1 Of My Backers?!!)
(See My Writing On Brett Albarado & Jeannie Madison, Out Of Red Wing, Minnesota, 2014, In The Writings Above!)



























F/July 18.2014

F/July 18.2014
(And My Personal Favorite--The "Miss Universe" Wave)--If Only All Encounters With PC Cams In Our World Were This Pure.

Waiting In The Wings--S.W.A.T. Love, Y'All!

Waiting In The Wings--S.W.A.T. Love, Y'All!
Pretty Princess Rachel Photog'ing Me At Kohl's Department Stores, Inc. on Halloween 2016!, Dubuque, IA!, M/10.31.2016!

Eka Pada Raja Kapotasana - (King Pigeon Pose)

Eka Pada Raja Kapotasana - (King Pigeon Pose)
Blow Your Own Mind. Belief Is Everything.