Blonde Rocks Again!

Blonde Rocks Again!

Roots Of Many Kinds

Roots Of Many Kinds

T Night, Wed A., June 26th, 27th, 2018

A Different Perspective

A Different Perspective
I'm Cruising Jay Park's "Welcome" Video, And I'm Realizing I'm Seeing An Asian Love/Sex Scene For The 1st Time In My Entire Life. And Once I Was Fully Present To The Total Asian-ness--And Korean-ness, Specifically, Of It--And Gorgeousness Of It, Like Lickety Split, I Sat There In Horror As My Next Thought Was, Almost Immediately, "Oh My GOOOOOODDDD!!!--Just Don't Put It In The BABY BOXXXXXXX...FOR THE LOVE OF GOOOOOOODDDDDD!!!!!!!" No "LOL" On That, Either. (Image Of Jay Park Courtesy Of The WWW/"L.A. Weekly"'s Hot-As-Hell Shoot) -Sat./June 30, The Year 2018

Natarajasana - (Royal Dancer)

Natarajasana - (Royal Dancer)
Amy Jin - Courtesy Of "The Pitch" & Angela Bond

Come to Class!:

  • ~September 27th, 2012: Love Yoga: The Movement is now endorsed by NICC and is being considered for regularly scheduled class times and within-the-semester-system presence on both campuses, based on leaders from the school's personal experience in class. Look for additional class times & learning opportunities as they become available! Big ups to Northeast Iowa Community College for supporting enlightenment and higher intelligence with both feet in!
  • ~~UPDATE: TH./October 4th, 2012: Word is NICC is not interested in adding anymore "Fitness" classes to their system, 4 the time being. I said, "Yeah, Power Yoga is Fitness if fitness means your whole life!" Oh well. It is what it is.
  • -The Dubuque Community YM/YWCA has been abandoned as of SAT./12.14.2013. Jill Scott's song "Slowly Surely" is thematic to Love Yoga: The Movement's practice location needs today.
  • P.S. A householder cannot be a yog, by definition. And history. And the truth about it today. Especially here (this country). The best you can do is live and practice within its teachings, like anything, and let your heart lead the way from there. I hope you do. It has produced too many miracles for me not to say so.
  • **DUBUQUELAND/THE WESTERN WORLD: Fair warning--though those involved have already been warned!--There are far more false yogs in this country than people truly on a path of self-knowledge and Truth. Oftentimes, "teachers" are not even certified. Please ensure that they know what the bejesus they're doing be4 running around saying you're practicing yoga. What it looks like, to any Eastern person, no matter how Americanized said person may be, is that there has been a hostile takeover of something ancient & sacred that belongs to US by a bunch of looney toon idiots who would happily bastardize something rich & powerful by making it insane & fraudulent--not to mention all-around ugly. Karma always doth cometh.**
  • ***M/6.2.2014: The Practice Of Love Trumps All Things--Dubuqueland/Iowa/Midwestern authentic peops who R in it to win it, I think you're about to see a practice schedule here in a healthy, sane setting that will lend itself to true connection, sans all the inhibiting forces, to help you become perfected in your physical-mental-emotional-soul-Source-thru-Earthness. As always. There are so many of you on the planet right now capable of so much Good. Develop yourself via will so long as U live.***
  • ****At long last! Starting M/JUNE 16, The Year 2014!!! NEW!--THE DUBUQUE ARBORETUM PAVILION (3800 Arboretum Drive, Dubuque, IA 52001, $17 Drop-In (Cash Or Check For Now), $14 For (Bring Proof!) Students, First Responders, & Veterans. UPDATE! SU/6.22.2014: Love Yoga: The Movement has some Mega-Guardian Beings. Your 1st class is *GRATIS!* to help everyone experience this class. Additional Love Offerings are always welcome for both Love Yoga: The Movement & The Arboretum from The Movement. Feel free to ask about the Team/5-Or-More-Affiliated-People discount:
  • *Bring your own mat! Min. 4 per class! Payment will be taken, upon reception, before class. Sign-in will include signing off on an "I-take-full-responsibility-for-my-health-&-safety-during-this-practice" acknowledgement. We will change, flow, & adapt for the Good Of All as we go, so walk, run, 2-wheel, & carpool to class, & if this area is to become a home to a founding Love Yoga: The Movement shala, it will become a reality from here.*
  • -M/5:45-7:15P-The ORIGINAL Dubuqueland ALL LEVELS EXPERIENCE!--Ashtanga-Based, Santa Monica Power Yoga!
  • -W/5:45-7:15P-All Levels
  • -TH/10:30A-NOON-All Levels
  • *****And then, just like that, by the same treachery as always, life & Santa Monica Power Yoga evacuate the area due to fear & lack that characterize "normal" there. Ask current practitioners for the skinny, & read what happened in my writings below right. Love Yoga: The Movement has left the Dubuqueland area as of F/7.5.2014*****
  • ******MINNESOTA, I look forward to serving you, if nothing else, because I like the way you speak. I'm available for Personalized & on-site work, classes, workshops, & events in the Red Wing, MN area. Please contact to schedule, including such learning experiences which require scheduling & travel. Gratitude.******
  • *******HMM...It's hard to serve Minnesota when you have to go back to Iowa & CONSIDER LEAVING THE COUNTRY because it's BUNK!!!*******
  • ********Tick tock, tick tock...Waiting for an impeccable space from which to teach the Power Within...SU/12.6.2015
  • *********W/JULY 20, 2016: Nothing like a 2 year pause button to teach from the mean streets in these times, fighting for my life and this Movement, in "crisis," with some spotty Personalizeds with shady aspirants, in the meantime. Meeting tomorrow, everyone. Downtown Dubuque, Iowa. SU/9.4.2016: Nobody's home so far, peops. Well--LOL--except me.

Big Ups!

The City Of Dubuque's Citizen's (Police) Academy (Dubuque, IA)(2017)
Bored, stuck in Dubuque, waiting out the laying down of the Universal Hand, I followed up my Ride-Along last Fall with the 21st Annual C.A. for our city, thinking it was a big picture, 10-week, Thursday night class in City Operations and the role of Law Enforcement in quality of life. It was actually a course in policy, procedure, and hands-on learning experiences in Law Enforcement itself, complete with encouragement to get sprayed (OC-style--The pepper kind)(i.e. "It's just a spritzer!"), as well as another Ride-Along (on a different shift). An excellent, much appreciated immersion in yet another world untouched by my academic, holistic, spiritual, and worldly studies, perfectly timed in applicability to considerations in Business, Loss Prevention, my own shala, Law/Graduate School, and life experiences, in general, including those shared on this website with Law, Law Enforcement, and city infrastructures in this country.

The City Of Dubuque's/Human Rights Department's Intercultural Competency Leadership Training (Dubuque, IA)(2014)
At their request, so bravo to them, bravo to me. Provided presence, experience, background, & feedback, while simultaneously taking in, getting updated, refreshing past (academic & other) learning, & showing up to add Love Yoga: The Movement/Amy Jin flava to the current diversity-improving model that has already started infiltrating City Government, businesses, institutions of learning, & organizations of all kinds via rocking choice, recognizing a next step needing to be established in consciously evolving Dubuque's intolerant, ignorant, & bigoted past, setting an example for the world.

Voted "Kansas City's 'Best Yoga Teacher" by The People & The Pitch (2007)

Santa Monica (Bryan Kest) Power Yoga Instructor, Trained & Certified (Quintana Roo/Tulum, Mexico)(2005)

A 3-week, 200 hour in-depth immersion in yoga thought, philosophy, and practice including but not limited to 100 hours of Hatha practice and meditation, 100 hours of learning the multi-dynamic possibilities of asana and meditation, as well as Satsang, Sanskrit, kirtan, noble silence, juice fasting, and a 10 hour master Iyengar course.

Spiritual Illumination & Leadership (Kansas City Metro Area, KS & MO+)(since 2002)

Expert on the Indigo/Crystal Children phenomenon, healing, and in-the-Light, all-natural lifestyle-related topics, featured in The Edge, KC Wellness Magazine,,, and The Kansas City Star. Featured & requested speaker for the Psychic Studies Institute (Unity Temple on the Plaza), UMKC's Communiversity, The University of Kansas Medical Center's Interdenominational/Interfaith Alliance, Gardens of Delight, UCOP (Unity Church of Overland Park), Unity Temple on the Plaza (independent event), holistic healing centers, & spiritual bookstores across the country, The Dubuque Community School District Board, etc.

Full-Ride Division I Scholarship Athlete (Volleyball), Summa Cum Laude (3.95/4.0 G.P.A.)(DePaul University)(Chicago, IL)(2000)
Conference USA All-Freshman Team Nominee. DePaul University Athletic Department’s Jean Nordberg Award recipient (DePaul Athletic Banquet), given for excellence in leadership, personal character, and academics. (Senior year Co-)Captain. DePaul University's College of Commerce's Honors Marketing Program(, by selection). Bachelor's of Science in (Honors) Marketing(-IME).

The State of Iowa's Class 3A Player of the Year (Largest Class at the Time)(Volleyball), Salutatorian (3.99/4.0 G.P.A.)(Wahlert High School)(Dubuque, IA)(1996)

+ (Athletic Stripes in Reverse Chronology) Mizuno 1st-Team All-Star Selection
1996 Class 3A State Champions
1st-Team All-State Tournament
1st-Team Elite All-State
Mississippi Valley Conference "Athlete of the Year"
1st-Team All-Mississippi Valley Conference
The Dubuque Telegraph Herald 1st-Team All-Area
Team Co-Captain
Female award recipient of Wahlert High School's prestigious Galen P. Thomas Award, given for excellence in academic awareness, citizenship, reliability, and participation in other activities in and outside of academia (Nomination by coaches).

...and a powerful story of overcoming all obstacles and odds to get there.

Yeah, Buddy--

Yeah, Buddy--
Resurrection Raiders, Representin'.


Spiritual Warrior Soul: Roman Catholic Warrior Leaders On The Hardwood ROCK IT On The Yoga Hardwood, As Well.


Asians Aren't Known For Verticals, But This One Was. Likely Sept.-Oct. 1995, Repping Our Top Ten Or In-The-Teens? Standing, Playing Other Nationally Ranked H.S. Teams At Mother McAuley In The Chi.




On The Plane Again--It's Not Glam, But At Least We Got To Shower. Well, Some Of Us Did.

Chi-Town Chinatown Love: Word Up To All My (Astrological) Horses, Worldwide!

Chi-Town Chinatown Love: Word Up To All My (Astrological) Horses, Worldwide!
A Little Adventure With Some Of My Iowan, Chinese-American Compadres, To See What Was Cracka-Lackin' In One Of My Former Places Of Residence--In My Tried And True "Protest Jeans" By 7 For All Mankind--Thank You, L.A.!, Sat./March 21.15

Post-Photo Shoot, Sat./10.29.11



New Paradigmatic Enlightenment Services:

This Movement is committed to the spiritual power of individuals who are dedicated to their own spiritual growth and existence while they R here. Therefore, all prices are negotiable for those who desire to become more enlightened, ascended, Christ or Buddha-like, and additional donations are always welcome towards this informally begun non-profit Movement.

If U are sincere and have pure intentions, you will immediately be seen for that. These prices reflect an acknowledgment of the capitalistic society in which we live, believes that the best in class deserve to be paid accurately 4 their gifts, and that, in an ideal society, the enlightened would flow money power, if such a thing even existed. It also believes that $ means nothing to the truly powerful, but creating Utopia, so to speak, according to the rules until they R different, is also the place to be.

I find that my practitioners/students who invest and do the work, individually, with me, especially in conjunction with regular attendance to the asana classes I lead, see tremendous benefit, including pretty immediate "huge" revelations, releases of pent-up emotion, a "synchronistic" or miraculous event, or a job promotion, to name a few.

  • · LEARNING (Ashtanga-based)(Santa Monica) POWER YOGA &/or MEDITATION (with many types of influence—primarily Zen Soto [Buddhist], New Age/Metaphysical, & “the kind yogis do in class”) WITH ME-$85 4 1 Personalized Lesson. U may purchase a pre-paid group of 10 sessions for $800 (8-mo. expiration from date of purchase, intended, ideally, for use within 1.5-2)(Non-refundable, non-transferable, however, unused sessions may be donated to other students in financial need prior to their expiring). No “traveling” fees in this Movement, except over 20 miles.
  • · EMF BALANCING TECHNIQUE (Phases I-IV) and SPIRITUAL ILLUMINATION SESSIONS-Advanced Energywork connected to the Indigo and Crystal Children Phenomenon, also known as the "Martial Art Of The Heart," and Spiritual Teaching & Guidance Sessions-for truth & healing to the center of your being from an “awakened forerunner Indigo/Crystal Child” (That means “Spiritual Luminary with a high level of spiritual acumen & accuracy”). Typical topics that emerge or are brought to the latter are Work, Relationships, Life Purpose, Core or Untapped Gifts, including Spiritual ones, and past hurts that require higher perspective to be unwound into free-flowing energy. $200 per session (Typically, 1 hr.-1 hr. and 15 min.).
  • · SPIRITUAL ILLUMINATION-BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT and IMPROVEMENT FROM WITHIN for sole proprietors to corporations. Cost depends on project & can be adapted to fit your budget. Please inquire.
  • Cash, check, & money orders are acceptable methods of payment. Amy Jin may be reached at with inquiries or to schedule.
  • Spiritual Illumination Sessions can be done in person, by phone, and also in writing (electronically or hand-written). Energywork can also be done over the phone.

Titthibhasana - (Firefly Pose)

Titthibhasana - (Firefly Pose)

Honorable Giving: Generous Love Offerings Power This Movement

Honorable Giving: Generous Love Offerings Power This Movement
Feel good about contacting to give and receive (M/7.29.2013: Feel good about knowing that this has already begun, more officially than ever before, since my return to Dubuqueland on 12.31.2011. Let's keep it flowing Big on behalf of Source). Needed immediately (Contact Amy Jin [] for details):

  • -Donations to back a stand-alone Physical Location/Income for my teaching and this Movement
  • -Increased donations/backing to fund positive Activities, spreading Santa Monica Power Yoga-based teachings and lifestyle, traditional Ashtanga Yoga, traditional meditation, and wisdom teachings from myriad traditions that help to awaken and enlighten a people, regardless of physical location
  • -Others in Mass Media to donate Promotion of the ideals/ideas examined here for the enlightenment and spiritual dimension of those who would benefit from this Movement
  • -A Contemporary, Cutting-Edge Web Designer on donation/trade with the Movement to provide 'Net presence
  • -A Network of Elite Healers to Exchange Holistic Healing/Spiritual/Conventional Medicine/(Holistic) Dentistry Work on Trade, who R committed to excellence in their practice, with teachers and leaders of this Movement, as it develops

Urdhva Prasarita Eka Padasana - (Standing Splits, Y'All!)

Urdhva Prasarita Eka Padasana - (Standing Splits, Y'All!)

2011 Lovers of This Spiritual Movement & Amy Jin's Work: Given Resources, Products, Services

  • Jessica Schifman*, Power Yogini (Overland Park, Kansas)(Kansas City Metro Area): Intuitively and custom-made lifestyle products-Please inquire about intuitively-made Power Yoga Mat Straps. My latest is about the beauty of the ancestors (Native American power!) and the Buddha.
  • Sarah Brent, Amy Jin's Co-Captain from DePaul (Volleyball)(Bella Vista, Arkansas): $ supporting the Movement!
  • Lauren Naylor & Focal Point Salon (Phoenix/Scottsdale, AZ): Haircut & rockin' purple hair color *TRADE*-turned-Love Offering to Love Yoga: The Movement. A beautiful team effort on Mayo Blvd. to rep Beauty on this list (
  • B.J. & the Metro Motorsports/RideNow Powersports Peoria team* (Peoria, Arizona)(Phoenix Metro Area): YAMAHA Zuma 125 TLC & industry friendship. And they still have my hot chocolate! Become less of a burden on this planet by supporting the rockin' hype color, fun, sensitivity, creativity, style, & opportunity for self-mastery, better operation of all motor vehicles, & personal expressiveness through Motorsports wherever U R (!
  • KEY: $=$1-500, $$=$501-1000, $$$=$1001-10,000, $$$$=Over $10,000

2012 Powering-The-Yoga Supa Humans/Collective Efforts!

  • Jessica Schifman*, Power Yogini (Overland Park, Kansas)(Kansas City Metro Area): An Amy Jin-encouraged Power Yoga mat strap line, finally developed! I was rockin' one on mine while teaching in Kansas City before any yoga brand came out with similar concepts. "Gold" has been donated to Love Yoga: The Movement (
  • Dr.Joseph A. Magno***, Author, retired Associate Professor of Philosophy at Loras College, and healing practitioner (Dubuque, Iowa): $ for the journey/to support me/the Movement!
  • Sarah-Mom and Sam-Dad Schmelzer**, former Dubuque Internal Medicine Business Office Woman & Golden-Day John Deere Dubuque Works Laborer, respectively (Dubuque, Iowa): $ to raise the current official vehicle of the Movement, my YAMAHA Zuma 125, from the dead and get it back on the road for the first time in Iowa!
  • Northeast Iowa Community College, one of the top ten community colleges in the nation (by the Aspen Institute)!(Peosta, Iowa): Provost approval and leadership (who R Power Yogi/nis!) hoorah!s to post Love Yoga: The Movement flyers and class times at both the Peosta campus and the Dubuque Center locations. U can't get more enlightened than that! Amy Jin & Love Yoga: The Movement, both, support the development of enlightened human beings, a more conscious, intelligent society, and delighting in the enchantment of learning thru whatever excellent means necessary!
  • Brett Albarado***, fellow Light bringer, a former colleague at the horrifying Unity School of Christianity at Unity Village, MO (Red Wing, Minnesota): $ given in the truest spirit of tithing to this Movement.
  • Please note: All Love Offerers are listed with their permission. All who support The Movement R encouraged to receive due recognition and karma for their actions thru this section. Please be aware that there are also those listed who since have been terminated, in regard to their relationship to myself and/or Love Yoga: The Movement but, by my choice, will continue to be listed until I determine to axe all mention of them. As always, may all beings receive their due and righteous karma. As a Catholic schoolgirl, I learned it was once said, "Whatsoever U do to the least of my people, that U do unto me." It wasn't mentioned what would happen when U hurt or harm one of the most significant souls, or on that same token, help them, because it hopefully requires no explanation:
  • *Hmm-mm.
  • **On spiritual/psychic probation by Source. And by Source, not humans, because spiritual invasion or psychic stalking by other humans is not only creepy as crap but against Spiritual Law. Don't break any laws. Simply arm yourself with the truth, and do not stray from it.
  • ***Energy no longer allowed to affiliate with Love Yoga: The Movement. Period. Until further notice. S/6.7.2014: And until Wrong is made Right, where possible. I would, if I were you, but I am not. The question is, "Will U?"

The 2013 Honorable Love Offerers of Love Yoga: The Movement

  • Wal-Mart-Dubuque, my hometown's location of the American retail giant (Dubuque, Iowa): A gift certificate ($) to provide all-natural/organic food for the upcoming Ashtanga/Power Yoga Film Pow-Wow & to Love Yoga: The Movement, in general! Thanks to Jennifer, Cash Manager, for taking the time to hear my vision, the resistance to help by other Food & Grocery people in town, & taking about 3 seconds to respond enthusiastically that "Yes!" they'd help and "Thanks for all you're doing!" in a society where genuine gratitude is a rarity. Now, that's Power Yoga leadership. Way to step up to the mic, Wal-Mart!
  • Brett Albarado***, fellow Light bringer (Seer, Channel, Reader...), former colleague at the "The-Indigo-Children-Will-Need-2-Get-Their-Own-Movement!" Unity School of Christianity at Unity Village, MO, multi-purpose Maintenance Mechanic, vehicular healer, & an all-around amazing incarnate Angel (Red Wing, Minnesota): $$$ donated to Amy Jin, Love Yoga: The Movement, & the spread of wise, conscious, intelligent creation of the world's future, from ground up, as a celebration of the existence of universal love that transcends belief.
  • Monks Kaffee Pub* (Dubuque, Iowa): An original, A&E & consciousness-supporting concept on Bluff Love Offering the space and media equipment for our Love Yoga: The Movement May 26th Ashtanga/Santa Monica Power Yoga Film Pow-Wow & Satsang, giving everyone another home off our yoga mats!
  • Bill Finn, President of Scorpio Productions & one of the first "regular" Power Yoga practitioners in this area! (Dubuque, IA): For being the bridge that led to the connection for the event with Trish Feldman, Monks Kaffee Pub's awesome Co-Owner, who relayed, "They're TOTALLY excited to host it!" Music & chai officially makes the world go 'round.
  • David C. Moeller*, Lead Tech Coach for the Dubuque Community School District & dedicated, front-row practitioner in practice! (Dubuque, IA): $ given with gratitude, in class & with class, to Amy Jin & Love Yoga: The Movement for the spread of Is-ness on the planet.
  • Anonymous (4 now)!***, Food leader of the new paradigms represented by Love Yoga: The Movement (Dubuqueland, IA): $ generously given in faith to The Movement, exemplifying keeping one's word, leadership by example, the power of right alliance, & working positive karma in integrity. Cheers to alliances kept solid thru enlightenment & real effort on both sides. "Clean food" is also about chi. Think "U R what U eat."

The 2014 Love Offerers' Wall Of Celebration & Is-ness--

  • Brett Albarado***, Maintenance Mechanic, Aspiring Power Yogi!, & embodiment of Faith in the Truth (Red Wing, Minnesota): $ above & beyond the Suggested Love Offering for individualized work, as a way of giving & expressing love naturally & perfectly, & funding to help establish the 1st Tapas Workshop in this area as fact!
  • Frank Bonacci, one of a cast of all high-caliber professors chosen, but Amy Jin's 1st! English prof, at DePaul University, now a Grant-Writer, a certified teacher of Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, AND a steadfast practitioner of Love Yoga: The Movement's Work! (Schiller Park/Chicago, IL): $ in Scholarship & Love Offering toward the "LOVE YOGA: THE MOVEMENT’S VISION: On Life & Flow—The Tapas Of A Modern Day Yog/ini" Workshop & the continuation of brilliance all over the world, moving on inspiration, producing results, as dedication always does.
  • Wal-Mart-Dubuque (Dubuque, Iowa): Sadly, Jennifer's gone, but Wal-Mart has stepped up again this year to provide a little charitable $ love after our "On Life & Flow" Workshop, thanks to Karen K. & the Accounting crew! Eventually, I'd like all area businesses, big & small, on board with eco-friendly, happy, healthy reality-creation. Our Tapas couldn't be more needed or relevant today. A bow of gratitude to one of the only places whose prices I still trust on organic, all-natural, vegetarian sustenance.
  • The beautiful Dubuque Arboretum (Dubuque, Iowa): This venue, under the leadership of Sandi Helgerson, Executive Director, has offered a "supporting landlord" place (more like support that's otherworldly) to put Ashtanga-based, Santa Monica Power Yoga classes back on the map in Dubuqueland/the Midwest! after many months without a physical location to call "home." The magic, peace, and perfect partnering of this space--a strong presence & opportunity to experience natural beauty in the city for 33 years on volunteers alone--with the destiny of this Movement has infinite potential in both synergy and spark for both individuals and our nation.

2015 People Who "Get It"--Love Offerers Who Keep The Lights On!

  • Frank Bonacci, one of all high-caliber professors chosen, but Amy Jin's first English prof, at DePaul University, now an independent Grant Writer & seminar provider, with experience in grant-writing in Mental Health, a certified teacher of Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, & a steadfast practitioner of Love Yoga: The Movement & enlightenment on the planet (Schiller Park/Chicago, IL): $ funding safe spiritual refuge in 2015, in clearly hostile territory.
  • ...and many others who have stepped forward and have yet to claim recognition, representing Kansas City, Phoenix/Scottsdale, Dubuqueland, IA, & all the places you've gone to school, lived, worked, & called home before...You prove that there are everyday heroics--of all Races, nationalities, religious backgrounds, occupations, economic statuses, educational levels, etc.--being performed every day by "everyday citizens" that effectively battle that which hurts, harms, and takes innocent & important lives, with the kind of love we are all meant to give and receive. You are heart-blooming awesome and are literally changing my 2015 and the course of my life through the love you show, in the absence of all of those who were supposed to be there but turned to shadow, instead.

2016 Love Yoga: The Movement Backers Of The Year:

  • Frank Bonacci, one of all high-caliber professors chosen, & Amy Jin's first English prof at DePaul University in Chi-town, Grant seminar Trainer, certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, in the lineage of Yogi Bhajan, & powerful practitioner of Love Yoga: The Movement's ideals & enlightenment on the planet (Schiller Park/Chicago, IL): $ & complete moral support, creating the gift of safe, spiritual sanctuary, again, which is becoming harder & harder to find. All the more reason to stand tall and staunchly in conviction that bases itself in the Truth. The existence of F.Bonacci should make all Italian(-American)s and Brazilian(-American)s proud of their peops.
  • well as others in this (final) time of protected class refuge and bigger Decision. There are no words for trust met with solidity. My only demand is that it stop being the exception to the rule.

2017 Love Offerers To Love Yoga: The Movement!:

  • Anonymous, L.A. native and positive connect of Amy Jin's and to Civil Rights leadership in the U.S. of A. (Kansas City, MO): "$100 in honor of Amy Jin Schmelzer to the Kenya Service Trip at Clarke College, Dubuque." $

Urdhva Dhanurasana - (Backbend)

Urdhva Dhanurasana - (Backbend)


I Love The "WSJ," & This Is The Definition Of Hot:

From Said Exile: Year #X

From Said Exile: Year #X
"Jesus said unto them, A prophet is not without honour, but in his own country, and among his own kin, and in his own house." -Mark 6:4, The King James Version. Word To Ya Mutha. Monday, January 15th, The Year 2018



Sunday, August 5, 2012

The United States of American Wall of Shame: Of Course, I Can Only Speak From Experience

I know some of U wanted that "New BBB" information. Shame on you for being too loser to ask.

Let's start at the very be-ginning. The only real place to start...

(Oh, we'll say 1980)-A racist, people-politic-y hometown (Dubuque, IA). I took your kids to school, anyway.

1996-Go to school and get the shaft from punk a** upperclassmen teammates and abusive, wicked witch coaches in varying shades--DEPAUL UNIVERSITY (Chicago, IL). Don't feed us on our road trips, make us run 'til people puke. Tell me to go seek a Psychologist because I'm "damaged" as everyone hides behind me (or takes solace in the Men's Basketball or Soccer teams, like musical beds, take up alcoholism, or worse) cuz I'm the only one who'll stand up to the coach & the A.D. I will. The Psychologist insinuates I have a brilliant mind & that the only thing I do "wrong," mentally, is think negatively about myself. "Some people don't need meds," she says, "They can do it by themselves." I'll definitely wonder about the fact that you're a lesbian, Coach, because I can't help but wonder if certain girls worked for their status by doing favors for the staff, all U power/glory-hungry hos. Threatened our scholarships 'til U were blue in the face. I'll keep it, thx. It's me, not U, that deserved to stay. I rocked the house in high school under pressure. Under torture? Go f**k yourself.

Where have U been while I've been dying in the Apocalypse all y'all PROFS who allowed me to teach your classes from my seat?!!

Top-notch Business School my a**!

LIFE!-Jealous a** women, how 'bout "mentors," "wise crone women," and "friends?" At least relegate yourself to the truth--you NEED ME to be anything but a p**sant.

2008-LINDY ("Droopy Dog"), the lying leasing agent and ROANOKE WEST (Kansas City, MO), thanks for making a priceless yoga teacher on an involuntary vow of poverty contaminate her own lungs in her own home as she leads the city in asana practice & throw ALL OF HER BEAUTIFUL, HARD-EARNED FURNITURE in the landfill because U completely lied about the secondhand smoke problem in the apartment community. Thx 2 LISA THE MANAGER, THE CRES MANAGEMENT, LLC CORPORATE OFFICE, my childhood doctor, DR. IAN KOONTZ & DUBUQUE INTERNAL MEDICINE that employed my adoptive mother her entire career!!!, THE KANSAS CITY BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU, THE KANSAS CITY HEALTH DEPT., REP. JAN WHAT'S-HER-FACE WHO SUPPOSEDLY WAS SO "GREEN," LIKE I AM, says the hands-tied Health Dept., my not-doing-s**t-about-anything, anyway, PARENTS for tormenting me & sticking up for Lindy, instead of helping get me the F**K out of there without paying fees on top of it!!! Thx 2 my yoga students, who I gave my life to, without hesitation, as the Recession hit, and thru life's ups and downs, especially those who were attorneys!!! for not doing S**T. Wait--you're all suffering from an abandonment complex, as it is, because now I've decided to move to L.A. instead of open up a Power Yoga shala for Kansas City to continue my journey & U're wondering why I won't stay & "make sure Kansas City is o-kay first?!!!" Really?!!!

2009-SANTA MONICA POWER YOGA (Santa Monica, CA), granted, things sync'd up, and I won the bid 2 teach the Sunday a.m. class opposite Bryan at the other location, in a way that even I found unbelievable, but when U tell me to show up after living off of the meager savings account I have for weeks, with 4x the amount of money I was originally told, U DARE send me energy of "you've just fallen off the ship" when U send my deposit back when I've given my life to you?!!! You could give a flying f that, now, one of the most up & coming Power Yoginis in the nation is completely income-less in the height of the Recession in Los Angeles, of all places, with well over a $1200/mo. rent?!?! I don't know--Can U sue a yoga shala?!!! Would I?!! No. And that's the point.

Thx to the JACK OFF PSYCHOLOGIST (Probably somewhere in Dubuque &/or Iowa!) my adoptive parents started seeing who allowed lynch mob sessions I could feel all the way out in L.A. where you talked about me behind my back, went around emitting that my yoga path & practice was an "addiction," like cocaine. It doesn't occur to them--ever--that you can't diagnose someone you've never met, much less based on religious practice. That's called bigotry. Oh wait--The cocaine thing--that was the kid from Dubuque who was out in L.A. flying around like a mad man that I think you'd hoped I'd hook up with?! when he needed saving from himself. Let's all find out who that QUACK was and stone (most likely) her (C/KATHY at HILLCREST FAMILY SERVICES or the little twit, CAROLINE/CAROLYN [same place], from Oregon [Does she routinely sleep with the people she helps?]--& you could tell--both of whom blatantly needed me more than I needed them, upon meeting them both???) in the public square. I've already endured countless and, somehow, have not died.

Thx 2 my psychopath ITALIAN? SUBTERRANEAN PARKING NEIGHBOR WITH THE AIR FORCE JACKET WHO LOOKED ABOUT MY AGE, with the reddish, Toyota pick-up who verbally assaulted me, threatening me, my new Prius, for being, literally, about an inch too close to the parking line separating us, then taking after it with a sharp object on all sides. THX 2 WESTSIDE TERRACE (Los Angeles, CA) for doing nothing, as usual. Thx for not even changing my parking spot, only to find out that half of the reason that I lived in burning terror the several months I was there, before I paid most of my food money, as an 80-year-old, to get out of my lease, to go back to a family that could've given a rat's arse about any of it, was because the bastard lived across the hall from me the whole time, & you KNEW IT!!! Note 2 U, you long-haired ponytailed, greasy piece of S**T, even I was shocked when I received multiple encouragings from Source to totally take out all of my unleashed rage on your truck. I guess it's a standing offer if I ever find U again. Of course, I didn't, becuz I'm a saint. Karmically, I think that makes you dead by now. You're one of the most disgusting creatures I've ever had to lay my eyes upon. Same 2 U, Westside Terrace, BRIAN, THE MANAGER, THE SKINNY, DISGUSTING, SLIMY BLACK CHICK (She's so important that her name [Begins with an "S," I think][Will be corrected if/when I find it] evades me)--your staff who did my apartment walk for me, skipped out on my initial move-out meeting, then walked in with a pre-printed damages list, & the aforementioned wannabe Amy Jin chick walks in, waves her hand around at imaginary marks on the wall--must've been from my furniture--Oh wait! I don't HAVE any still because of LINDY, ROANOKE WEST, and my chain-smoking, cretin, vampire neighbors on all sides!!!--and makes me sign on the dotted line that that's what she wrote! while I'm still protesting, "WHAT?! There's nothing there!" There goes $250 as WESTSIDE TERRACE steals from the Recession-struck and poor, like a routine physical, even after I fight them after the fact, realizing I'd signed away money they've just stolen from me. The fact that my apartments always look better when I leave them than when I move in (As a known fact by people who have known me & landlords both) makes no difference now in a corruption-infested country that's making everybody's-doing-it out of illegality. U go, R.W. SELBY & COMPANY, INC. CORPORATE OFFICE & THE (scandal-wracked) LOS ANGELES BBB. You are completely impotent, if you're not bankrupt.

NATALEE THAI ON VENICE, way to have crazy addicts as bartenders & RACHEL THE SERVER who would burn holes in the back of my head & assault me on the regular as I ran the restaurant from my hostess stand. Try to pull power trips on me and where I park my car, months into my employment working nights and weekends--without complaint or hesitation, like a veteran restauranteur--saving all your employees from being lost souls, actually helping them have pride in their home state that they left for the lottery ticket of Hollywood/L.A. I have to admit, though, your Thai Iced Tea did rock my world.

Meanwhile, my only sibling takes me out of her wedding without hesitation after my Mom tells me, as I'm wondering if I'll have a home next month, that I'll ruin the wedding by coming back with my soft, yoga teacher energy, especially since I'm a vegetarian and am told that I don't get a special meal, even though I'm the bride's only sister. As I'm down to one meal a day, she's marrying some a**hole she probably met on the Internet who's screwing her to control her new Pharmacist's salary, & fortunately, her Goddess older sister is being killed off remotely, including by our abusive, lying parents & now, I hear, our extended family (WHAT. THE. F**K--Crucifixion, definitely, without a trial)?!?!?! I guess this is her way of getting back at me for growing up in my shadow & having all her high school boyfriends want to get with her Korean Barbie doll older sister? I called U a b**ch once, using one of my only curse word cards, when we were at a family holiday dinner because you actually really needed to hear it, vs. watching me be murdered as an adult? I guess I should've figured it out, up to then, when U never reciprocated on birthday cards or presents. I guess that's how U can really tell that we're both adopted.

Thx to all the "celebrity" yogs supported by Yoga Journal and GAIAM who knew me or of me and did nothing. You're the real thing. Fo' sho'. All the yogs of my generation R watching, & we're, like, SO INSPIRED. Oh wait--Some of U ARE of my age-bracket. There's definitely hope for anyone but myself.

Within days, I'd manifested a yoga shala on J.F.K. in my hometown, with landlord help, had part-time jobs on the line, in spite of my adoptive dad's adamant statement in 2006 when I first received the directive from Source that he'd "NEVER" help me open a Power Yoga shala (putting a period on my decision to leave my job and students in Dubuque and return to Kansas City), but my adoptive mother, who'd started practicing yoga, too (or whatever it's called when it's at BODY & SOUL WELLNESS CENTER AND SPA, that I helped open, as its Business Consultant, on slave labor wage--Here's where "Should I?" or "Shouldn't I?" just started becoming "Yes'"--and who pretty much put an energetic cap on the magnetism my classes could radiate at their space, dismissing it with a wave of the hand as, "It's too hard." I'll save U from the disclosure of the truth truth. U know the one I mean. For now), rants thru my yoga practice like Satan incarnate. Then, they both kick me out of the house, into the fricking, freezing cold & tell me I'm "insane" and not to come back until I get "help" (Wait, this is sounding awfully familiar) for bringing up something from childhood that maybe was a little too honest for them to look at. I forgot that common householders could give a s**t about the kind of states created by the truth.

KANSAS UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE (Kansas, U.S.A.), could U wreak of bulls**t anymore as you, like CA & AZ that followed you, did everything and anything to demonize me and my horrific, perpetual state of "overqualified" in this country in torturous, shame-of-the-United-States-of-America businesses, across industries, which starts to look really silly when the person's a superhuman, to not give me the pittance I had coming to me to at least eat?! Did U talk to my modeling agency?!!! I knew U cared!!!!

Thx to KENNY THOMAS OLATHE TOYOTA (Olathe, Kansas) for shaking in their boots when I'd come in for service because I seemingly knew more about my Prius than they did. Thx for making me walk around screwed in one of the worst winters in Kansas City history when I returned to a barren wasteland where Kansas City used to be, after L.A., after my parents kicked me out in the snow without a place to go next or a job, because of their issues, when I called you back & said, "There's something I forgot about in my buyback figure." The GM (Ask Daniel, my salesman--THE ARROGANT, SPOILED, OWNER'S SON? I don't remember his name) said, "Oh well. We're not giving you anything more for the Prius." Well, between that & that nightmarish collision center U sent me to after I ran over the freshly hit deer someone else had just hit at 3 in the morning, about 2 months after I'd bought the car, that totally jacked up the bottom and the fuel tank, take the fricking Prius, becuz I have a feeling you've got some horrible karma coming 2 U! You SUCK!!! I reiterate that all the way up the corporate ladder, thru about every form of communication. Boom shockalocka--global floor mat recall, plus plus plus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2009-2010-SIX40 (Kansas City, MO), way to be the I've-lost-count apartment community to lie about clear and non-negotiable bullet points on my "Should I live here?" list. It just happens to be that in one of the worst winters in Kansas City history when I happen to not be able to find income or a single place to teach, sell my car back, & get screwed on that, that I live in one of the worst neighborhoods, albeit totally revitalized!, in the Metro Area, because U assure me that, especially in the time I've been gone, the whole area's been turned around. Right. That's why there were vehicles with lights flashing lined up all the way down the street my first night in my new place--for another "incident" on the street corner that caused a detriment to somebody's life. And why I felt like I had my life blood sucked out of me every day & night in my new apartment by the other residents--especially by the guy who, U know, REALLY, REALLY liked me. U make me proud to be a Marketer.

KABABESH GRILL & BAR, NEW CAFE TANDOOR, BRIO ON THE PLAZA, & PIZZA BAR, for all the beauty various aspects of your restaurants added to my experiences, going under is no excuse for not paying your employees, not running your restaurant, sexual harrassment, racism, & not giving a s**t about your employees' lives. Way to make it look to the Unemployment System, though, as though I quit without reason when U can't keep your word on hours, don't pay me right or on time, and do everything wrong for someone who does everything glowingly above standard which, conveniently, then, makes her the anomaly and easy to bully. Way to use any intelligence you have for, U know, evil.

2010-Again, BUFFALO WILD WINGS, (Dubuque, IA), did you REALLY fill my hours at your supposedly struggling store after SOUTH BAY & BURBANK, CA, then about EVERY STORE IN THE KANSAS CITY METRO AREA also renigged on multiple offers (What's a struggling Creative, much less yog, supposed to do--I mean, it's like the executive version of a starving artist), causing me hundreds of dollars in lost wages by booking arrangements that couldn't be undone since they were done thru online budget sources, or were you just allowing the bullying, religious harrassment, & racism that was there all along to have its way?! At least Chad was down enough to coin me your "Asian Zing" & put the sticker on my nametag, explaining why I got as many phone numbers as I did $$$'s in tips.

Now I'm physically assaulted by my adoptive mother, for which I'm basically pushed into a corner by my adoptive father, saying that I need to "apologize to my mother." Apparently, I triggered the rage and deserved it for (still?) existing. I am now riding a one-speed Santa Monica beach cruiser around the only place I've ever called "home," really--with roots--in the United States of America. In the rain. Up massive hills. In the dark. As my adoptive parents pretty much mock me & tell me to "get a job." My ears have finally recovered from frostbite that I got in Kansas City as 70-year-old-looking fortysomethings and baby boomers drove by looking at me like I was the lunatic walking around in the snow. Except for the hot boys who ended up giving me rides, in synchronicity with my unbearable circumstances, who then ended up becoming obsessed fans I had to figure out how to get rid of (when I could feel my ears). I'm learning that all the people who were like our family--that I was taught were the better people in our hometown--are all watching, assuming, talking about me like evil, unrecognizable demons behind my back, rather than saying, "What the f**k, local celebrity rockstar athlete, one-of-the-smartest-most-accoladed-nicest-kids-to-ever-come-up-thru-our-city?!! R U o-KAY?!!!?!" I realized maybe it was their equivalent for their kids never really getting the grades that I did? Or R they just racist pieces of work. It's not a question.

At least 2011-STATE OF CALIFORNIA UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE, boy, did it take a barge and its distant (and I do mean distant) cousin, the spaceship, to get U to give me my money way after I should've already been dead from any number of "elements." How many employers' names, next steps, or crucial pieces of information could you screw up and have me fix for you without putting me on payroll as an independent contractor??? And the dudes with the weird accents that seemed deliberate in not getting me the information I needed to get over to Arizona's system that U said you'd look into and never got back to me on--Was that a Hollywood spoof on "Terrorist Employees Getting Paid While You Don't?!"

2012-When U know you're done sharing walls with people years ago, but there's this little problem called "no income flow, like nada," maybe the universe just keeps giving U signs anyway. Like the number of apartment communities who I've trusted & gone with frauding me out starting to cross over onto the fingers of my other hand. CRYSTAL CREEK APARTMENTS ON BELL ROAD (PHOENIX, AZ) & AMC, LLC CORPORATE OFFICE for saying, "You signed the lease" when the lease killed 10 trees up and down Bell, so I cruised it with RUBEN as my tour guide, and when I asked specifically about if the utilities were based on individual usage, I was told "Yes," and I believed you. So when I have to pay out my lease from yet another state across the country after Circle K & your legal system, from ground up, starts trying to finish the job my adoptive family, JAMIE SMITH, THE GOMER SMITH FAMILY, MATT MCFADDEN, ERIN (DONNEL) CHAMBERS, my cousin, RENEE (TAUKE) PAYLOR, probably ANGIE (JOHANNINGMEIER) WHITE, my former high school & post-college best friend, probably the guy I decided not to "marry," JESSE STROHMEYER, because he couldn't take "no" for an answer, amongst about a trillion other things signaling that I was being used to provide a relationship that actually provided pleasure to every single other person I knew more than it did me (That's for the next book), haven't (--I think the rule was, "If you ever were assumed to or outrightly said you'd love and be there for her, no matter what, because she gave you 100x the enrichment in your time with her than you ever provided, or could've provided, you get to judge and turn on her without reason--and ESPECIALLY without contact for several years prior--when she finally asks for something in return--to know that you're still a good person), you can be sure you'll make the doomed list. It's in the Akasha, and what makes it worse is U knew about all the terror that went be4 U.

MY ADOPTIVE FAMILY, ALL THE CRONIES WHO WALK AROUND SMILING TO MY FACE--you sent me flowers when I was playing for Wahlert, but snickered to yourself when you saw me walking around on the other side of town this year because, you know, it was never meant to work out for me in this country because I'm Asian. And a woman.--MICHELLE MIHALAKIS AND SAFE STRIDES WOMEN'S SHELTER, ALL RELATED ENTITIES, and KIM WHO USED TO WORK AT DUBUQUE INTERNAL MEDICINE WITH MY ADOPTIVE MOM, you're a sick cult parading around like do-gooders. You wouldn't be here without men. DUBUQUE HUMAN RIGHTS DEPARTMENT, thx for doing ZILCHO as I was evicted for what were clearly discriminatory purposes, like your governmental counterparts in every other place where I've lived. There wasn't one person in that house who would've backed for one second that VOLUNTEER JO ELLEN was telling the truth about my using the phone without permission, when she's the one who handed it to me. She needs a straightjacket. You're right, though. It's hard to know what to do when I don't break real rules or bum cigarettes off people walking by outside, like everyone else who lives there since I practice yoga instead. To JOE MAGNO, PH.D., SHARON K.BAUMANN, SUE SAWVEL, COLLEEN HELGERSON, DANIELLE STONE, & the really lost red-headed PAM who runs around with them, and basically anyone from the original holistic healing center, now flowing or with negative karma with BODY & SOUL WELLNESS CENTER AND SPA, you are NOTHING compared to the avatars in my generation. You are lost human beings who bandwagon jump based on what gets you off energetically in the moment, have no real spiritual path or values, and act it. I can tell why the healing communities across the country have been dissipating into thin air since that's the strength with which you represent or DO anything real, powerfully loving, or healing. But have your orgies and dance around in all your past lives, praying to every deity under the sun. The real New Age is mastery, and it doesn't suck identity from or try to kill its young, who R its evolution, in order to be something. Going from adored to "She deserves being attacked and condemned and told she deserves to be killed for having no karma" is what one gets for moving away from Dubuque? How deep it's gotten with wannabes on the enlightenment path, as well. Pretty sure it was NICOLE KAISER FROM THE MARIA HOUSE (& SHERRY MCDONNELL who backed her) who hadn't even talked to me, personally, but heard about me from one of the zillion employees I had to re-tell my story to about who I was and why I needed to stay there, hopefully temporarily, and outrightly told me they all thought I was arrogant and would treat the other residents badly when I called in crisis, having exhausted all other places to stay, and therefore, would be judged as unsuitable for their Women's Shelter before even having met them in person, not because I'm the last person on the planet who should be without income or mainstream influence at a time like the one we're in. Thx, ADAM FEYEN, for stepping in to help, but then, the next day when Sharon went pschizo and decided she just wanted me out because she liked the licking flames from the lying crapbag called my adoptive father, looking to recruit people to his take-down-my-own-innocent-daughter team, said, "Oh, well, never mind."

LINSY (RANSDELL) ADAMS, LOCATORS LTD. (Dubuque, IA) & HER TOO STUPID, COWARDLY, & PETRIFIED-TO-DO-ANYTHING-ABOUT-IT WORKERS, thanks for stealing my application fee and then taunting me for demanding that I receive it back and saying, "I'll see you in court." Thanks for being a walking definition of "soul-on-up-ugly."

SHERRY, GM AT OKY DOKY ON HILL STREET, thanks for hiring, then eliminating me, again, for being overqualified, rather than at least give me full-time work, train me for leadership, and make sure that the pattern of bullying by soul-less people with even insubstantial titles continued for me here in Dubuque. While I was being passed around from one insane-o's living room to the next, as if, really, underneath it all, their need for me didn't far outweigh my need for them as they were. At least a cardboard box doesn't have multiple personalities.

Thx to the entire Roman Catholic infrastructure in this area for making it so undeniably clear why I was led to the strongest spiritual path, with the most potential to lead a globe forward, and away from your miserable, bigoted, fearful, hypocritical ways. Even as I have, without judgment, stepped back into masses on necessary occasions, and lit up the room with always-have-been-there, perfect, exemplary, Catholic values and Light. Don't act as though you can't figure out why you're falling apart from every direction. You're weak, and there are new technologies being merged with ancient pathways to take your place, so don't worry about the rest of us. I'm sure you weren't.

More from the heart of Satya as it becomes important to make sure U know who you're rolling around, soul-deep, with!

Empirical Evidence Matters. From the E-Update Flow: An Aspirant Proof-Is-In-The-Puddin'!--The Last FREE! Movement E-Update (2 Up Focus All Around)--Sun./April 17th, 2011

...Last Story: Jim Vranicar's 7 Specialists

I don’t like most testimonials, but I enjoy sharing awesome, true stories.

Many Creatives from ad agencies near or around the Plaza/the Crossroads Art District in Kansas City were aspirants in my Power Yoga classes.

One of them, in particular, with a “We Hate Sheep” motto had a number of what I considered “total package” young people & cool leaders who used to like me! & requested when I left the studio where they used to “follow” me that I come & teach any number of their people—everyone from entry-level staffers to VP’s of this award-winning, regional ad agency.

They were a crazy, fun group of stereotypically (Sorry, SHS people on this list) hard-working Midwestern, kind of perfectionistic yogi/nis.

One of their VP’s, who actually became a true “regular” & dedicated practitioner, walked up to me one day toward the end of one of the 6-8 week courses, & confided that he had been to seven specialists—a something kind of surgeon, his regular physician?, dot dot dot, even his personal trainer—& over the course of months? years? no one had ever been able to provide him relief 4 a rhomboid issue causing him a lot of pain. He said that his shoulder was not hurting him anymore, after 5, 6 weeks of practicing with me twice a week (This was his 1st experience with practice).

I couldn’t get him to name all of the specific specialists & tireless work they’d done on him, the way that he did when he had me staring in amazement into space that day after class. It wasn’t just the number, kind, or quality of people, from conventional to holistic, that he mentioned that blew my mind.

It was that I could tell he was telling me the truth:

Subject: RE: New Nation: The Answer
Date: 2/17/2011 1:46:55 P.M. Pacific Standard Time
From: Jim Vranicar at Work
Reply To:

Before practicing power yoga, I had such tightness in my shoulders that I found it hard to sleep. I also experienced headaches from shooting pain that went up my mid-back into my neck. This negatively affected my work and personal life.

It also caused me to schedule up to three massages per month that were expensive and only gave me temporary relief.

After about five yoga practices led by you, I noticed the tightness and pain in my shoulders was virtually eliminated. I now find that as long as I practice yoga at least one time per week, that my shoulders remain lose. If I go longer than a week without doing a class, I feel my shoulders start to tighten up.

And I don’t like that feeling.

Therefore, I’ve been practicing two to three times per week ever since I brought yoga into my life. You, Amy Jin helped me get from A to B. I like B so much better than A.

Peace, everybody, & less suffering for all living creatures.

Good-bye 2 Whom It Applies.

I hope to continue to work with those who so choose to focus U along your enlightenment path, whoever U R.


lAmy Jin Schmelzer
Teacher of Souls
Teacher of Yoga
"I am the grand Musician."
"DANCE, Yo!"
Sing in your car. Dance in your living room.

Waiting In The Wings--S.W.A.T. Love, Y'All!

Waiting In The Wings--S.W.A.T. Love, Y'All!
Pretty Princess Rachel Photog'ing Me At Kohl's Department Stores, Inc. on Halloween 2016!, Dubuque, IA!, M/10.31.2016!

One Of The Only Ultimately-Good Things To Come Out Of Cell Phones--Creative Expression.

One Of The Only Ultimately-Good Things To Come Out Of Cell Phones--Creative Expression.
Even When I Try To Look Like A Bad A**, Tho', This Is Apparently My Peers' Interpretation.

Discovering The PC Cam: (11.7.2016: From Being Held Hostage & Trafficked? By 1 Of My Backers?!!)

Discovering The PC Cam: (11.7.2016: From Being Held Hostage & Trafficked? By 1 Of My Backers?!!)
(See My Writing On Brett Albarado & Jeannie Madison, Out Of Red Wing, Minnesota, 2014, In The Writings Above!)



























F/July 18.2014

F/July 18.2014
(And My Personal Favorite--The "Miss Universe" Wave)--If Only All Encounters With PC Cams In Our World Were This Pure.

Prasarita Padottanasana - (Spread-Legged Forward Fold Position)

Prasarita Padottanasana - (Spread-Legged Forward Fold Position)
The Shell-Toed, Park Bench Ad-Lib


Sometimes u got me feelin' like feelin' like I's high as high as a kite. Sometimes I's feelin' like sticky licky fingers in a can o' peanut butter and u gotta know better than this.

To take advantage of me's a tryst. U's usin' me 4 her. Her *****, her calm. It's the smile in my demeanor. I got u figured out.

I can't begin to tell u how to move, how to make it betta. Her personality's vexing--sure 'nuff is--& I think it's time u made her your world, or for once,
u gonna get kicked to the curb.

Now's the time for feelin' good. How 'bout u say what u feel(in').

I want you. That's what the point is. As piercing as it might be, you can feel it in your heart, can't u, Boo? Pretty ain't as pretty when it's covered in the aftershocks of your hos/fire and ice. In your head. Your jones for her, instead. Your moans. Emotions can't be played with when they's locked up in your head.

Here's the big picture: U want her, go get her. Feel me? Have no fear, & do it. Go get her. Be a prisoner no more. I tell u, it ain't worth fear. The shark underwater. The fierce pirate's been stealin' your loot, & it's u. Why u bein' severe about it? Pressure-free. Feel u? Feel me?


How can u say it ain't a peace thang. Your life's been tied down to nothing-ness since the day u met her. U don't sweat her. There. There's the matrimony. Dutifully. Please believe. In yourself. For once. Go and get her.

A-men. There's the prayer part of you. Puttin' it out there slow enough for truth-tellers to command something new. U think, like a messenger, it ain't ancient teachings I was sent to you? Put u in your new place, space for makin' a blazing choice. A "hi" "how u doin'" half a million dollar smile might work nice.

Best be spendin' those pennies. I like to see you spendin'. Prisoner no more, we've done better, I'm sure. At least u got to steppin' those feet in the right direction. And can't any diversion keep those feet from crossin' the threshhold to the new me, the new u.

Free at last. Free at last.

Thank Goddess & Buddha I'm libertad'd from u. You hunk a' monkey bread. Junkin' me up instead of practicin' what u got. It's sweet love. Sweetness and freedom that's been sent from above. Dios. Thank Dios. Apprecios mi pretty prose so at last I can feel my emptiness.

You got it. A prophet.

A harnesser.

A tryst.

It's over. Be at peace now.

We's complete.

U'r on your path.

And I worship you no more. Nirvana.

Me. So free. I'm back in paradise.

-Amy Jin
(This piece was written as an expression of both understanding other women's perspectives & offering them a higher option.)

Word Up.

Word Up.

S/March 7.2015:

S/March 7.2015:
Enjoying The Popcorn.

The Not-Lost Souls: The Practitioners Of Love Yoga: The Movement

(Normally, The Practitioner Photo Gallery) Sunday, April 15, 2018: We'll see where we go from here, Ashtanga-based peops. Determine the quality of your soul in the matters, circumstances, and with the choices, before you. That is the purpose of our existence.



The One True Mirror Is The Depth & Truth Within.

When I Left Everything I Knew, I Did What I Knew I Needed 2 Do--I Purified (Asana, Pranayama, Tapas), Knew & Further Studied Myself (Svadhyaya), & Surrendered My Being & Existence To Source (Ishvara Pranidhana--My Favorite). I Was Brought To Ashtanga, To Yoga, To See That What I Had Identified As Being Responsible For Inner-To-External Freedom Was Not Only Teachable But An Ancient, All-Encompassing Wisdom Tradition. I Said To Source, "I'm In."